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Chinese Studies: Reference Works

A guide to resources for the study of China


Encyclopedias are excellent resources for exploring research topics. Just looking at the table of contents or the index can spark an idea. Furthermore, reading a short introduction to a topic of interest, and then exploring the bibliography, can get you started on a satisfying research topic about which you have genuine interest.

Ebooks can be accessed with a click. Hard copies are located in the Social Science and Education Reference Stacks on Level 1. (Any help desk employee can assist you in finding these books).

Encyclopedia of Modern China, David Pong (ed.). 4 vols. Charles Scribner's Sons, 2009. Ebook.

Accessing and searching this encyclopedia is a bit tricky. Follow these instructions: (1) Clicking the link provided above, this will take you to Gale E-books "Advanced Search"; (2) Change search criteria from "Keywords" to "Publication Title" enter "Encyclopedia of Modern China." (3) Click on the publication title link "Encyclopedia of Modern China" that appears in any entry that you see; this will take you to a search page for this 4 vol. work. (4) Enter search terms in the box at the right of the screen that reads "Search within this publication."

Biography (Arranged Chronologically)

Best Online Dictionaries & Dictionary Apps


For your Chinese to English, English to Chinese, and Chinese to Chinese dictionary needs, I recommend that you download the Pleco App to your device. There are many excellent features and dictionaries that can be purchased within the App. 

Best Print Dictionaries (Located in Asian Reference)

Comprehensive Dictionaries (Multiple Volumes)

Hanyu da cidian  汉语大词典 (Comprehensive Dictionary of Chinese Words)

Asian Reference PL 1420 .H26 1987 (12 vols.)

Hanyu da zidian  汉语大字典 (Comprehensive Dictionary of Chinese Characters)

Asian Reference PL 1420 .H26 1986 (10 vols.)

Dai Kanwa jiten 大漢和辞典 (Morohashi)  Definitions in Japanese

Asian Reference PL 681.C5 M6 1966  (13 vols).     

Zhongwen da cidian 中文大辭典 (Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary)

Asian Reference PL 1420 .C57  (40 vols).

Cihai  辞海 (Sea of Words)

Asian Reference PL 1420 .T86 1979 (3 vols.)