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Chinese Studies: Reference

A guide to resources for the study of China

China Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of India

Wolpert, ed. 

Publication Date: 2006

China Encyclopedias

China Today: An Encyclopedia of Life in The People's Republic Soc Sci Ref DS 777.6 .C456 2006


Print Dictionaries (Located in Asian Reference)

Chinese/English Dictionaries 

ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary 

Asian Reference PL 1455 .A33 2003


Unabridged Dictionaries (Multiple Volumes)

Dai Kanwa jiten 大漢和辞典 (Morohashi)  Asian Reference PL 681.C5 M6 1966  (13 vols).     

Zhongwen da cidian 中文大辭典 Asian Reference PL 1420 .C57  (40 vols).


Major Chinese Dictionaries

Hanyu da zidian  汉语大字典 Asian Reference PL 1420 .H26 1986

Hanyu da cidian  汉语大词典 Asian Reference PL 1420 .H26 1987

Cihai  辞海 Asian Reference PL 1420 .T86 1979