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Dance: Reviews

Where to start?

Reviews of dance performances may be found in newspapers, dance magazines and journals, and websites about dance. Some reviews may also be compiled in books.

You will need to know WHERE and WHEN the performances you are interested in took place.

Search tips:

  1.  Include elements in your search such as
    • Work title
    • Choreographer, composer, or performer
    • Critic’s name
  2. Use quotation marks and AND between elements
    • For example, “Eight Jelly Rolls” AND “Twyla Tharp”
    • The quotation marks inform the database to keep words together as a unit.
    • The AND limits results to articles that contain both phrases.
  3. Look for helpful options to limit your search
    • By date
    • To a particular publication
    • To “reviews” as a resource type

Searching Newspapers

Newspapers which have (or once had) regular dance review columns:

Compilations of published reviews:

Searching Dance Magazines and Journals

Popular dance magazines that include (or did include) reviews:

Respected Dance Websites and Review Aggregators