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Company & Finance: Career

For the complete guide, visit the Business Career Research page.  For a quick overview, see the highlights below.

Job Search & Interview Preparation

Stay Up-to-Date

Keep current on companies, industries, and careers of interest by reading major news sources such as those listed below.

For more newspapers and magazines, see the Articles & News tab.

Company Research

A great way to prepare for an interview is to research the culture, trends, and outlook for the company and its industry.

Mergent Intellect is a great source for finding and researching potential employers.  It also contains resources for interview preparation.

Tutorial videos are available to learn more about using Mergent Intellect to 1) create company lists and 2) prepare for informational interviews.

Industry Research

Explore Potential Industries

Informational Interview Preparation

Search for the industry of a company to view the opportunities, challenges, and trends that it faces.  Look for Call Prep questions to be more prepared and informed during interviews.

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