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Nursing: 2019

Faculty Publications from 2019

Birmingham, W. C., Macintosh, J. L., Vaughn, A. A., & Graff, T. C. (2019). Strength of belief: Religious commitment, knowledge, and HPV vaccination adherence. Psycho‐Oncology. doi:10.1002/pon.5071

Diaz, M. M., Ojukwu, K., Padilla, J., Steed, K., Schmalz, N., Tullis, A., Mageno, A., McCleve, J., White, E., Stark, M. E., Morton, D. A., Seastrand, G., Ray, G.Lassetter, J., Wilson-Ashworth, H. A., & Wisco, J. J. (2019). Who is the teacher and who is the student? The dual service-and engaged-learning pedagogical model of Anatomy AcademyJournal of Medical Education and Circular DevelopmentJ6, doi:10.1177/2382120519883271.

Downing, N.R., Valentine, J.L.,  & Gaffney, D.A. (2019). The neurobiology of traumatic stress responses after sexual assault. In L.E. Ledray & A.W. Burgess (Eds.), Medical response to adult sexual assault; A resource for clinicians and related professionals, 2nd ed. (237-258). Saint Louis, MO: STM Learning, INC.

Hanson, S. F., Sumner, S.*, & Merrill, K. C. (2019). What do infection preventionists know about antimicrobial stewardship: A pilot study. American Journal of Infection Control, 47(6), S16-S17. doi:10.1016/j.ajic.2019.04.017

Harper, M.*, & Lassetter, J. H. (2019). Cryolipolysis: A guide for primary care practitioners. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 1-5.

Himes, D. O., Davis, S. H.*, Lassetter, J. H., Peterson, N. E., Clayton, M. F., Birmingham, W. C., & Kinney, A. Y. (2019). Does family communication matter? Exploring knowledge of breast cancer genetics in cancer familiesJournal of Community Genetics, 1-7. doi:10.1007/s12687-019-00413-y

Himes, D. O., Gibbons, D. K.*, Birmingham, W. C., Beckstrand, R. L., Gammon, A., Kinney, A. Y., & Clayton, M. F. (2019). Female family members lack understanding of indeterminate negative BRCA1/2 test results shared by probands. Journal of Genetic Counseling. doi:10.1002/jgc4.1147

Himes, D. O., Zaro, M. L.*, Williams, M.^, Freeborn, D.^, Eggett, D. L., & Kinney, A. Y. (2019). Breast cancer risk assessment: Evaluation of screening tools for genetics referralJournal of the American Assosication of Nurse Practitionersdoi: 10.1097/JXX.0000000000000272

Luther, B., Barra, J., & Martial, M. A. (2019). Essential Nursing Care Management and Coordination Roles and Responsibilities: A Content Analysis. Professional Case Management, 25(5), 249-258.

Lyman, B., Jacobs, J. D.*, Hammond, E. L.*, & Gunn, M. M.* (2019). Organizational Learning in hospitals: A realist review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1-45. doi:10.1111/jan.14091

Merrill, K. C., Haslam, V. C.*, Luthy, K. E. B., & Nuttall, C. (2019). Educating patients about opioid disposal: A key role for perianesthesia nurses. Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing. doi:10.1016/j.jopan.2018.12.008

Merrill, K., Hanson, S. F., Sumner, S.*, Vento, T., Veillette, J., & Webb, B. (2019). Antimicrobial stewardship: Staff nurse knowledge and attitudes. American Journal of Infection Control. doi:10.1016/j.ajic.2019.03.022

Miles, L., Luthy, B., Eden, L., & Williams, N.* (2019). Adult vaccinations rates in the mentally ill population: An outpatient improvement project. The Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses.

Miles, L., Erämaa, S. & Parkkinen, S. (2019). “The world is our campus”: Student satisfaction with an international nursing education partnership. Nursing Education Perspectives, 40(5), 300-302. doi:10.1097/01.NEP.0000000000000567

Palmer, Sheri P.Miles, Leslie W. (2019). Students’ Observations of the Nursing Role in Seven Nations. Nursing Education Perspectives, 40(5), 283-290. doi: 10.1097/01.NEP.0000000000000560

Peterson, N. E., Osterloh, K. D., & Graff, M. N. (2019). Exercises for older adults with knee and hip pain.The Journal for Nurse Practitioners. doi:10.1016/j.nurpra.2018.12.029

Reed, S., Matthews, R. T.*, Hodgson, K., Palmer, S. P.Heaston, S., & Hancock, M.* (2019). Factors contributing to pregnancy among adolescent girls in rural ParaguayJournal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing, 48(3), S126. doi:10.1016/j.jogn.2019.04.212​

Valentine, J.L., Ledray, L.E., Downing, N.R., & Frazier, P.A. (2019). Victim impact and recovery. In L.E. Ledray & A.W. Burgess (Eds.), Medical response to adult sexual assault; A resource for clinicians and related professionals, 2nd ed. (209-236). Saint Louis, MO: STM Learning, INC.

* Denotes BYU nursing student (BS or MS)
^ Denotes emeriti faculty member
BYU College of Nursing Faculty authors are bolded