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Accounting: Business Valuation

Library resources available to support the Marriott School of Accountancy program.

Business Valuation Resources

RMA Annual Statement Studies

How to find statements in RMA eSTUDIES

There are multiple ways to find statements:

  • Select one of these NAICS levels: 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit, or 5-digit. Then use the drop-down menu to make your choice.  

  • For 6-digit NAICS, use the drop-down menu in the right column to make your choice.

  • Use the CODE OR KEYWORD SEARCH box, enter a NAICS between 2 to 6 digits (example 7225), or enter a word describing what you are researching (example: restaurant).   

How to download statements

Once you have opened an item, click on FINANCIAL DISCUSSION.

You will now see the available years (default is current year) and regions (default is National).

Use the EXPORT button to download an Excel document to your computer.

*The Excel download includes a client comparison worksheet allowing you to enter and calculate your client’s financial statements, and easily compare side-by-side to the industry standards.