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Accounting: Scholarly Resources

Library resources available to support the Marriott School of Accountancy program.

Publication Preparedness

The following resource can help you prepare data for publication.

Citing Resources

Writing Resources


For students interested in graduate school and publishing in the future, it can be helpful to look at past theses and disserations.

Scholarly Articles

Find articles and citations info

The following resources allow you to search by topic but also search for sources from a specific journal or a specific author. Several of these also allow you to see who cites articles after it is published.

Publishing Resources

The following resources can help you look up information about publishers and journals (e.g., acceptance rates).

Measurement Models, Surveys,Questionaries

Handbooks, Manuals, Etc..

Popular Journals & Magazines

Samples Proposals

Writing Proposals

Locating Grants

The library has two grants that students can apply for: 

As you collaborate with faculty, you may want to explore regional and national grant opportunities.

Advances in Accounting Education

BYU Accounting Rankings