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Epigraphy: Reference

Handbooks, Manuals, etc.

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Almar, Knud Paasch. Inscriptiones Latinae : eine illustrierte Einführung in die lateinische Epigraphik. Odense, 1990 (Guide 21)

Lee Stacks CN 510 .A46x 1990

Cagnat, René. Cours d'épigraphie latine. Rome, 1964. 4th ed. (Guide 15)

Ancient Studies CN 510 .C3 1964

Cooley, Alison. The Cambridge manual of Latin epigraphy. Cambridge, 2012.

Lee Stacks CN 510 .C665 2012

Gordon, Arthur E. Illustrated introduction to Latin epigraphy. Berkeley, 1983 (Guide 20)

Lee Stacks CN 510 .G63 1983

Grossi Gondi, F. Trattato di epigrafia cristiana : Latina e Greca del mondo romano occidentale. Roma, 1920. (Guide 27)

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Kaufmann, C. M. Handbuch der altchristlichen Epigraphik. Freiburg im Breisgau, 1917 (Guide 24)

Lee Stacks CN 750 .K38 1917

Keppie, L. J. F.  Understanding Roman inscriptions. Baltimore, 1991 (Guide 22)

Lee Stacks CN 510 .K46 1991

Klaffenbach, Günther. Griechische Epigraphik. Göttingen, 1966. 2nd ed. (Guide 11)

Lee Stacks CN 350 .K56 1966

Larfeld, Wilhelm. Griechische Epigraphik. Munich, 1914. 3rd ed. (Guide 7)

Ancient Studies PA 25 .H24 Abt.1 T.5

Larfeld, Wilhelm. Handbuch der griechischen Epigraphik. Leipzig, 1902-1907. 2 volumes (Guide 6)

Copy in Hathi Trust

Meyer, Ernst. Einführung in die lateinische Epigraphik. Darmstadt, 1973 (Guide 18)

Lee Stacks CN 510 .M4

McLean, B. Hudson. An introduction to Greek epigraphy of the Hellenistic and Roman periods from Alexander the Great down to the reign of Constantine (323 B.C.-A.D. 337). Ann Arbor, 2002 (Guide 10)

Lee Stacks CN 350 .M35 2002

 The Oxford handbook of Roman epigraphy. Ed. Christer Bruun and Jonathan Edmondson. 2015 (Guide post 23 [2015 suppl.])

Ancient Studies CN 525 .O94 2015

Reinach, S. Traité d'épigraphie grecque. Paris, 1885 (Guide 5)

Copy in Hathi Trust

Woodhead, A. G. The study of Greek inscriptions. Cambridge, 1981. 2nd ed. (Guide 12)

Lee Stacks CN 350 .W65 1981

Catalogs, Indexes, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

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L'Année Philologique

1949-present. Indexes books and periodical articles as well as articles in collections and conference papers in all areas of classics and classical studies including papyrology (L'Année Philologique section IVD) and epigraphy (L'Année Philologique section IVB).
Also available in print: Ancient Studies PA 29 .A55.


Concordance of the editions of ancient Greek inscriptions aimed at making it easier for specialist epigraphers and more general linguists, archaeologists and classicists to locate new editions of epigraphic texts published in the last 100 years.

Inscriptiones Graecae - SEG Concordances

Buck, Carl Darling, & Walter Petersen. A reverse index of Greek nouns and adjectives, arranged by terminations with brief historical introduction. Hildesheim, 1970 (reprint of Chicago, 1945)

Ancient Studies PA 459 .B8 1970

Ruggiero, Ettore de. Dizionario epigrafico di antichità romane. Rome, 1961-

Ancient Studies CN 510 .R9x 1961

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG)

Ancient Studies CN 360 .S96x