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Epigraphy: S-Z

Epigraphical Publications in the BYU Collection (S-Z)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard epigraphical abbreviations as found in Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG), PHI, or Claros. Guide numbers refer to Guide de l'Épigraphiste: bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales, ed. François Bérard and others. 4th edition. Paris 2010.

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Salama, Bornes

 Bornes milliaires d'Afrique proconsulaire : un panorama historique du Bas empire romain. Ed. P. Salama. Rome, 1987. Novelle édition (Guide 958)

Lee Stacks DG 28 .S34x 1987


Sammelbuch griechischer Urkunden aus Aegypten. 1913-<2012> (A collection of documentary papyri, ostraca, inscriptions, mummy tablets and related texts published in journals or unindexed catalogues. Begun by F. Preisigke in 1915, continued by F. Bilabel, E. Kiessling, and H.-A. Rupprecht).

Ancient Studies PA 3316 .P74 (Library lacks Bd.4-5; Bd.1-3 are 1974 reprint)

 Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3316 .P74 (Bd.1-5)

Copy of vol. 2 in Internet Archive.


Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum. Leiden, 1923- (Guide 1339)

Ancient Studies CN 360 .S96x


Steinepigramme aus dem griechischen Osten. Ed. R. Merkelbach and J. Stauber. Stuttgart, 1998-2004. 5 v. (Gujde 1213)

Ancient Studies CN 405 .S74 1998

SIA (Supplementum inscriptionum Atticarum) see IG 1/3, 2nd ed. Addenda.

SIG³ see Syll³


Sylloge inscriptionum religionis Isiacae et Sarapiacae.  Ed. L. Vidman. Berlin, 1969 (Guide 1170)

Ancient Studies CN 373 .V53 1969

Smith, Diogenes

The Epicurean inscription, Diogenes of Oinoanda. Ed. M.F. Smith. Napoli, 1993 (Guide 348)

Lee Stacks PA 3405 .S85 D56 1993

Scheibelreiter, Stifterinschriften

Stifterinschriften auf Mosaiken Westkleinasiens, ed. V. Scheibelreiter. Wien, 2006 (Tyche Supplementband 5) (Guide 424) Supplement to IGC.

Lee Stacks D 51 .T93 Suppl.5

Strubbe, Arai Epitymbioi

ΑΡΑΙ ΕΠΙΤΥΜΒΙΟΙ : imprecations against desecrators of the grave in the Greek epitaphs of Asia Minor. Ed. J. Strubbe. Bonn, 1997 (IGSK 52) (Guide 1200)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .A8 S7 1997


Supplementa Italica. Nuova serie. Roma, 1981-

Ancient Studies CN 530 .S9

Supplementa Italica. Imagines. Roma, 1999-

Latium Vetus 1. Latium Vetus praeter Ostiam. 2005.

Ancient Studies CN 530 .S9 L3 2005 vol.1

Roma 1. Musei capitolini,. 1999.

Ancient Studies CN 530 .S9 R6 1999 vol.1

Roma 2. Musei vaticani, Antiquarium comunale del Cello. 2003.

Ancient Studies CN 530 .S9 R6 1999 vol.2

Roma 3. Collezioni fiorentine. 2008.

Ancient Studies CN 530 .S9 R6 1999 vol.3

Syll³ (see also OGIS)

Sylloge inscriptionum Graecarum. Ed. W. Dittenberger. Leipzig, 1915-1924. 4 v. (Guide 40)

Ancient Studies CN 360 .D52 1960

See also Gawantka, W. Aktualisierende Konkordanzen zu Dittenbergers Orientis Graeci inscriptiones selectae (OGIS) und zur dritten Auflage der von ihm begründeten Sylloge inscriptionum Graecarum (Syll.³) Hildesheim, 1977 (Subsidia epigraphica ; 8) (Guide 42)

Ancient Studies CN 405 .D5 Supp.

TAM (see also ETAM)

Tituli Asiae Minoris. 1901- (Guide 257)

TAM I. Tituli Lyciae, lingua Lycia conscripti. Ed. E. Kalinka. Vienna, 1901 (Guide 329)

Copy in Hathi Trust

TAM II. Tituli Lyciae linguis Graeca et Latina conscripti . Ed. E. Kalinka. Vienna, 1920-1944 (Guide 330)

Ancient Studies Quartp CN 25 .V532 A4 vol.2

TAM III, 1. Tituli Pisidiae. Tituli Termessi et agri termessensis. Ed. R. Heberdey. Vienna, 1941 (Guide 395)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 25 .V532 A4 vol.3 pt.1

TAM IV, 1. Tituli Bithyniae linguis graeca et latina conscripti. Paeninsula Bithynica. Ed. F.K. Dörner. Vienna, 1978 (Guide 371)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 25 .V532 A4 vol.4 pt.1

TAM V, 1. Tituli Lydiae linguis Graeca et Latina conscripti. Regio septentrionalis ad orientem vergens. Ed. J. Keil and P. Herrmann. Vienna, 1981 (Guide 296.1)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 25 .V532 A4 vol.5 pt.1

TAM V, 2. Tituli Lydiae linguis Graeca et Latina conscripti. Regio septentrionalis ad occidentem vergens. Ed. J. Keil and P. Herrmann. Vienna, 1989 (Guide 296.2)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 25 .V532 A4 vol.5 pt.2

TAM V, 3.  Tituli Lydiae linguis Graeca et Latina conscripti. Philadelpheia et ager Philadelphenus. Ed. G. Petzl. Vienna, 2007 (Guide 296.3)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 25 .V532 A4 vol.5 pt.3

TDA, see Audollent, Defix.Tab.

Termessos, see I.Termessos

Tod, GHI

A selection of Greek historical inscriptions. Ed. M.N. Tod. Oxford, 1946-1948. 2 vol. (Guide 995)

Lee Stacks DT 209.5 .T5 1946

Wallner, Yozgat

Die Inschriften des Museums in Yozgat. Ed. C. Wallner. Vienna, 2011 (Tyche Sonderband 6)

Ancient Studies CN 355 .T9 Y69 2011

Warmington, Old Latin

Remains of Old Latin. IV. Archaic inscriptions. Ed. E.H. Warmington. Cambridge, MA, 1940 ((Loeb Classical Library) (Guide 520

Lee Stacks PA 2510 .A2 1935 vol.4

Ancient Studies PA 6156 .A1 1935 vol.4