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Epigraphy: ILAlg-InscrIt

Epigraphical Publications in the BYU Collection (ILAlg-InscrIt)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard epigraphical abbreviations as found in Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG), PHI, or Claros. Guide numbers refer to Guide de l'Épigraphiste: bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales, ed. François Bérard and others. 4th edition. Paris 2010.

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Inscriptions latines de l'Algérie. Paris-Algiers, 1922- (Guide 745)

Copy of volume 1 in Internet Archive

Copy of volume 1 at


Inscriptiones Latinae Christianae veteres. Ed. E. Diehl. Berlin, etc., 1925-1967. 3 v. + Suppl. (Guide 52)

Ancient Studies CN 750 .D5 1961 (BYU lacks supplement)


Die Inschriften von Lampsakos. Ed. P. Frisch. Bonn, 1978 (IGSK 6) (Guide 262)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .L36 I57

I.Laodikeia am Lykos

Die Inschriften von Laodikeia am Lykos. Ed. T. Corsten. Bonn, 1997- (IGSK 49) (Guide 370)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .L37 I57 1997


Inscriptionum lapidariarum Latinarum provinciae Norici usque ad annum MCMLXXXIV repertarum indices. Berlin, 1986- (Guide 606)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 540 .H35 1986

ILLRP Imagines

Inscriptiones Latinae liberae rei publicae: imagines. Ed. A. Degrassi. Berlin, 1965 (Guide 518)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 525 .D4


Inscriptiones latinae selectae. Ed. H. Dessau. Berlin, 1892-1916 (Guide 49)

1962 reprint

Ancient Studies CN 521 .D4 1962

1979 reprint

Lee Stacks CN 521 .D4 1979


Recherches archéologiques franco-tunisiennes à Mactar. 5. Les inscriptions chrétiennes. Ed. F. Prévot. Rome, 1984 (Guide 732)

Lee Stacks DT 269 .M28 R4 vol.5


Die Inschriften von Magnesia am Maeander. Ed. O. Kern. Berlin, 1900 (Guide 291)

Copy in Internet Archive

Copy at Hathi Trust

Copy at Unversity of Heidelberg

I.Magnesia am Sipylos

Die Inschriften von Magnesia am Sipylos. Ed. T. Ihnken. Bonn, 1978 (IGSK 8) (Guide 258)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .M34 I57x 1978


Epigrafia della regione dei Marsi. Ed. C. Letta, C. D'Amato. Milano, 1975 (Guide 793)

Lee Stacks CN 532 .M37 L47


Les inscriptions grecques et latines du Colosse de Memnon. Ed. A. and É. Bernand. Cairo, 1960. (Bibliothèque d'étude 31) (Guide 473)

Ancient Studies PJ 25 .B6 vol.31


Die Inschriften von Metropolis. Ed. B. Dreyer and H. Engelmann. Bonn, 2003- (IGSK 63) (Guide 288)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .M48 I57 2003


Die Inschriften von Mylasa. Ed. W. Blümel. Bonn, 1987-1988 (IGSK 34-35) (Guide 309)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .M55 I57 1987


Excavations at Nessana. I. The inscriptions. Ed. G.E. Kirk, C.B. Welles. London, 1962 (Guide 451)

Ancient Studies Quarto DS 110 .N45 C6 vol.1


Inschriften aus Nordkarien. Ed. W. Blùˆmel. 2018 (IGSK 71)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 410 .B58 2018


Inscriptiones Italiae. Rome, 1931- (Guide 510)

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 1010 .I6