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Epigraphy: A-B

Epigraphical Publications in the BYU Collection (A-B)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard epigraphical abbreviations as found in Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG), PHI, or Claros. Guide numbers refer to Guide de l'Épigraphiste: bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales, ed. François Bérard and others. 4th edition. Paris 2010.

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Actes du ... Congrès international d'épigraphie grecque et latine, see Epigr.Congr. (Congresses of the International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy)

Akten des ... Kongresses für Griechische und Lateinische Epigraphik, see EpigrCongr (Congresses of the International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy)

Agora III

Literary and epigraphical testimonia. Ed. R.E. Wycherley. Princeton, 1957 (The Athenian Agora 3) (Guide 83.03)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.3

Agora VII

Lamps of the Roman period, first to seventh century after Christ. Ed. J. Perlzweig. Princeton, 1961 (The Athenian Agora 7) (Guide 83.07)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.7

Agora X

Weights, measures, and tokens. Ed. M. Lang and M. Crosby. Princeton, 1964 (The Athenian Agora 10) (Guide 84)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.10

Agora XV

Inscriptions : the Athenian councillors. Ed. B.D. Meritt and J.S. Traill. Princeton, 1974 (The Athenian Agora 15) (Guide 85)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.15

Agora XVI

Inscriptions : the decrees. Ed. A.G. Woodhead. Princeton, 1997 (The Athenian Agora 16) (Guide 86)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.16

Agora XVII

Inscriptions : the funerary monuments. Ed. D.W. Bradeen. Princeton, 1974 (The Athenian Agora 17) (Guide 87)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.17

Agora XIV

Inscriptions : horoi, poletai records, leases of public lands. Ed. G.V. Lalonde, M.K. Langdon, and M.B. Walbank.. Princeton, 1991 (The Athenian Agora 19) (Guide 88)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.19

Agora XXI

 Graffiti and dipinti. Ed. M. Lang. Princeton, 1976 (The Athenian Agora 21) (Guide 89)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.21

Agora XXV

Ostraka. Ed. M. Lang. Princeton, 1990 (The Athenian Agora 25) (Guide 90)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.25

Agora XXV

 The lawcourts at Athens : sites, buildings, equipment, procedure, and testimonia. Ed. A.L. Boegehold. Princeton, 1995 (The Athenian Agora 28) (Guide 83.28)

Lee Stacks Quarto DF 287 .A23 A5 vol.28


 Antike Inschriften aus Jugoslavien. Heft 1, Noricum und Pannonia Superior. Ed. V. Hoffiller, B. Saria. Amsterdam, 1970 (Guide 585)

Lee Stacks CN 690 .H6 1970

ALA, see I.Aphrodisias

Aleshire, Athenian Asklepieion, see Ath.Askl.

Altertümer von Hierapolis, see I.Hierapolis

Aphrodisias and Rome

Aphrodisias and Rome : documents from the excavation of the theatre at Aphrodisias conducted by Professor Kenan T. Erim, together with some related texts. Ed. J. Reynolds. London, 1982 (Guide 322)

Lee Stacks DS 156 .A6 R49x


The Athenian tribute lists. Ed. B.D. Meritt, H.T. Wade-Gery and M.F. McGregor. Cambridge, Mass., 1939-1953. 4 v. (Guide 81)

Lee Stacks DF 83 .M415


The Athenian Asklepieion : the people, their dedications, and the inventories. Ed.  S.B. Aleshire. Amsterdam, 1989 (Guide 94)

Lee Stacks DF 287.T37 A438x 1989

Audollent, Defix.Tab.

Defixionum tabellae. Ed. A. Audollent. Paris, 1904; Frankfurt reprint, 1967 (Guide 1174)

Lee Stacks CN 375 .D4 A82 2010

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AvP = Altertümer von Pergamon

AvP VIII, 3. Die Inschriften des AsklepieionsEd. C. Habicht. Berlin, 1969 (Guide 268.3)

Lee Stacks Quarto DS 156 .P4 B3 Bd.8 pt.3

Benndorf-Niemann, RLK

Reisen in Lykien und Karien. Ed. O. Benndorf, G. Niemann. Wien, 1884 (Reisen im südwestlichen Kleinasien Bd.1) (Guide 331.1)

Copy in Hathi Trust

Beth Sheʻarim

Beth Sheʻarim : report on the excavations during 1936-1940. II. The Greek inscriptions. Ed. M. Schwabe, B. Lifschitz. Jerusalem, 1974 (Guide 447)

Lee Stacks DS 110 .B3933 B413 1973 vol.2


Greek and Latin inscriptions in the USA : a checklist. By J. Bodel & S. Tracy. Rome, 1997 (Guide 965)

Lee Stacks CN 360 .B63 1997

Bresson, Recueil Pérée

Recueil des inscriptions de la Pérée rhodienne. Ed. A. Bresson. Paris, 1991 (Guide 316)

Lee Stacks CN 410 .P4 B75x 1991

Brill Stud. (Brill studies in Greek and Roman epigraphy)

Brill Stud. 1. Cult and Koinon in Hellenistic Thessaly, by D. Graninger. Leiden, 2011.

Ancient Studies DF 261 .T5 G73 2011

Brill Stud. 2. Inscribed Athenian Laws and Decrees 352/1-322/1 BC., by S. Lambert. Leiden, 2012.

Ancient Studies KL 4115 .A75 L36 2012

Brill Stud. 3. Inscriptional Records for the Dramatic Festivals in Athens. Ed.  B.W. Mills and S.D. Olson. Leiden, 2012.

Ancient Studies PA 3201 .A2 I57 2012

Brill Stud. 4. The Epigraphy and History of Boeotia. Ed. N. Papazarkadas. Leiden, 2014.

Ancient Studies DF 261 .B5 E65 2014

Brill Stud. 5. Ancient Documents and their Contexts : first North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy. Ed. J. Bodel and N. Dimitrova.. Leiden, 2015.

Ancient Studies CN 15 .N67 2011

Brill Stud. 6. The Cave of the Nymphs at Pharsalus : studies on a Thessalian country shrine, by R.S. Wagman. 2015.

Ancient Studies DF 221 .T4 W34 2015

Brill Stud. 7. Inscriptions in the private sphere in the Greco-Roman world, ed. R. Benefield and P. Keegan. 2016.

Ancient Studies CN 350 .I56 2016

Brill Stud. 8. The politics of honour in the Greek cities of the Roman empire, ed. A. Heller, O.M. van Nijf. 2017.

Ancient Studies DF 82 .P57 2017

Brill Stud. 9. Inscribed Athenian laws and decrees in the age of Demosthenes : historical essays, by S.D. Lambert. 2018.

Ancient Studies KL 4115 .A75 L364 2018

Brill Stud. 10. The so-called nonsense inscriptions on ancient Greek vases: between paideia and paidia, by S. Chiarini. 2018.

Ancient Studies CN 375 .V3 C45 2018

Brill Stud. 11. The materiality of text : placement, perception, and presence of inscribed texts in classical antiquity, ed. A. Petrovic, I. Petrovic, E. Thomas. 2019.

Ancient Studies CN 350 .M34 2019

Brill Stud. 12. From document to history : epigraphic insights into the Greco-Roman world, ed. C.F. Noreña, N. Papazarkadas. 2019.

Ancient Studies CN 350 .F76 2019

Brill Stud. 13. The Athenian Ephebeia in the fourth century BCE, by J.L. Friend. 2019.

Ancient Studies DF 95 .F75 2019

Brill Stud. 14. Isopoliteia in Hellenistic times, by Sara Saba. 2020

Ancient Studies KL4364 .S23 2020

Brill Stud. 15. The springtime of the people : the Athenian Ephebeia and citizen training from Lycourgos to Augustus, by Thomas R. Henderson. 2020

Ancient Studies DF 95 .H46 2020

Brill Stud. 16. Greek epigraphy and religion : papers in memory of Sara B. Aleshire from the Second North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, edited by Emily Mackil, Nikolaos Papazarkadas. 2021

Ancient Studies CN 373 .N67 2016


BRL I. Bericht über eine Reise in Lydien und der südlichen Aiolis ausgeführt 1906 im auftrage der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Ed. J. Keil and A. von Premerstein. Wien, 1908 (Guide 298.1)

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BRL II. Bericht über eine zweite Reise in Lydien ausgeführt 1908 im Auftrage des K.K. Österreichischen Archäologischen Instituts. Ed. J. Keil and A. von Premerstein. Wien, 1911 (Guide 298.2)

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BRL III. Bericht über eine dritte reise in Lydien und den angrenzenden gebieten Ioniens ausgeführt 1911 im Auftrage der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Wien, 1914 (Guide 298.3)

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Burn, Romans in Britain

The Romans in Britain: an anthology of inscriptions with translations and a running commentary.Ed., tr. A.R. Burn. Oxford, 1969. 2nd ed. (Guide 711)

Lee Stacks CN 590 .B8 1969