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Epigraphy: IO-I.Rhod.Per.

Epigraphical Publications in the BYU Collection (IO-I.Rhod.Per.)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard epigraphical abbreviations as found in Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG), PHI, or Claros. Guide numbers refer to Guide de l'Épigraphiste: bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales, ed. François Bérard and others. 4th edition. Paris 2010.

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IO or I.Olympia, see IvO


Inscriptiones antiquae orae septentrionalis Pontis Euxini Graecae et Latinae. Ed. B. Latyšev. Leningrad, 1885-1901 (Guide 168)

Copy in Internet Archive

I.Pal. Tertia (1921)

Die griechischen inschriften der Palaestina Tertia westlich der ʻAraba. Ed. A. Alt. Berlin, 1921 (Guide 450)

Copy in Hathi Trust

I.Pal. Tertia (2005)

Inscriptions from Palaestina Tertia. Ed. Y.E. Meimaris and K.I. Kritikakou-Nikolaropoulou. Athens-Paris, 2005-2008) (Guide 453)

Ancient Studies CN 405 .M455 2005

I.Pannonia Superior

 Inscriptiones pannoniae superioris in slovacia transdanubiana asservatae. Ed. J. Češka, R. Hošek. Brno,1967 (Guide 600)

Lee Stacks AS 142 .B85 vol.125


 Die Inschriften von Parion. Ed. P. Frisch. Bonn, 1983 (IGSK 25) (Guide 261)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .P37 I57x 1983


Prozessrechtliche Inschriften der griechischen Poleis : Arkadien. Ed. G. Thür and H. Taeuber. Vienna, 1994 (Sitzungsberichte / Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-Historische Klasse 607) (Guide 1066)

Lee Stacks AS 142 .V31 Bd.607


Die Inschriften von Pergamon. Berlin, 1890- 1969.(Althertümer von Pergamon, VIII) (Guide 268)

Vol. 1, Bus zum Ende der Königszeit. Ed. M. Fränkel. 1890.

Lee Stacks DS 156 .P4 F7x 2011 vol. 1

Copy in Hathi Trust

Vol. 3. Die Inschriften des Asklepieions. Ed. C. Habicht. 1969

Lee Stacks DS 156 .P4 B3|zBd.8 pt.3


Die Inschriften von Perge. Ed. S. Şahin. Bonn, 1999- (IGSK 54,61) (Guide 409)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .P37 I58 1999


The inscriptions of Pessinous. Ed. J. Strubbe. Bonn, 2005 (IGSK 66) (Guide 389)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .P37 I59 2005


The highlands of Phrygia. Ed. C.H.E. Haspels. Princeton, 1971. 2 volumes (inscriptions t.1, p. 295-358) (Guide 360)

Lee Stacks DS 156 .P5 H37


The inscriptions of Central Pisidia. Ed. G.H.R. Horsley and S. Mitchell. Bonn, 2000 (IGSK 57) (Guide 401)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .P57 I57 2000


Die Inschriften von Priene. Ed. F. HIller von Gaertringen. Berlin, 1906 (Guide 289)

Copy in Internet Archive


Die Inschriften von Priene. Ed. W. Blümel and R. Merkelbach. Bonn, 2014 (IGSK 69) (Guide 289bis)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .P75 I57 2014

I.Prousias see I.Prusias


Die Inschriften von Prusa ad Olympum. Ed. T. Corsten. Bonn, 1991-1993 (IGSK 39-40) (Guide 376)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .B87 I57 1991


Die Inschriften von Prusias ad Hypium. Ed. W. Ameling. Bonn, 1985 (IGSK 27) (Guide 379)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .P78 I57x 1985

I.Qasr Ibrim

 Qasr Ibrim : the Greek and Coptic inscriptions. By A. Łajtar, J. van der Vliet. Warsaw, 2010 (Journal of Juristic Papyr. Supplementsi ; v. 13)

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.13

I.Reggio Calabria

Iscrizioni greche d'Italia. Reggio Calabria. Ed.L. D'Amore. Rome, 2007 (Guide 234)

Ancient Studies CN 397 .R44 I73 2007

I.Rhod.Per. (see also Bresson, Recueil Pérée)

Die Inschriften der rhodischen Peraia. Ed. W. Blümel. Bonn, 1991 (IGSK 38) (Guide 317)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .K38 I57 1991


Les monuments paléochrétiens de Roumanie. Ed. I. Barnea. Vatican City, 1977 (Guide 167)

Lee Stacks BR 133 .R6 B37