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Epigraphy: I.Hadrianoi-I.Kyz.

Epigraphical Publications in the BYU Collection (I.Hadrianoi-I.Kyz.)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard epigraphical abbreviations as found in Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG), PHI, or Claros. Guide numbers refer to Guide de l'Épigraphiste: bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales, ed. François Bérard and others. 4th edition. Paris 2010.

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Die Inschriften von Hadrianoi und Hadrianeia. Ed. E. Schwertheim. Bonn, 1987 (IGSK 33) (Guide 377)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .H33 I56 1987


Recherches archeologiques à Haïdra. I. Les inscriptions chrétiennes. Ed. N. Duval, F. Prevot. Rome, 1975 (Guide 734)

Lee Stacks DT 251 .D88 vol.1


Les inscriptions coptes et grecques du temple d'Hathor à Deir al-Médina. Ed. Ch. Heurtel. Le Caire, 2004 (Guide 2417)

On order for Lee Stacks 21 October 2016

I.Heraclea Pontica

The inscriptions of Heraclea Pontica. Ed. L. Jonnes. Bonn, 1994 (IGSK 47) (Guide 383)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .E75 I57 1994


Inscriptions grecques d'Hermoupolis Magna et de sa nécropole. Ed. É. Bernand. Cairo, 1999 (Bibliothèque d'étude 123) (Guide 482)

Ancient Studies PJ 25 .B6 vol.123


"Inschriften," in Altertümer von Hierapolis, p. 67-202. Ed. W. Judeich. Berlin, 1898 (Guide 366)

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Roman inscribed and sculptured stones in the Hunterian Museum University of Glasgow. Ed. Lawrence Keppie. London, 1998 (Guide 975)

Lee Stacks CN 515 .G53 K47x 1998


Die Inschriften von Iasos. Ed. W. Blümel. Bonn, 1985 (IGSK 28) (Guide 312)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .I17 I57 1985


Die Inschriften von Ilion. Ed. P. Frisch. Bonn, 1975 (IGSK 3) (Guide 263)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .T7 I57


Katalog der antiken Inschriften des Museums von Iznik (Nikaia). Ed. S. Şahin. Bonn, 1979-1987 (IGSK 9-10) (Guide 378)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .I95 S23


Die lateinischen und griechischen Inschriften der Stadt Jerusalem und ihrer nächsten Umgebung. Ed. P. Thomsen. Leipzig, 1922 (Guide 448)

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Die Inschriften von Kalchedon. Ed. R. Merkelback and others. Bonn, 1980 (IGSK 20) (Guide 373)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .C45 I57


Le Paneion d'El-Kanaïs: les inscriptions grecques. Ed. A. Bernand. Leiden, 1972) (Guide 481)

Lee Stacks BL 820 .P2 B48

I.Keppie see I.Hunterian


Die Inschriften von Keramos. Ed. E. Varinlioğlu. Bonn, 1986 (IGSK 30) (Guide 314)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .K43 I57 1986


Die Inschriften von Kibyra. Ed. T. Corsten. Bonn, 2002- (IGSK 60) (Guide 345)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .K53 I57 2004


Die Inschriften von Kios. Ed. T. Corsten. Bonn, 1985 (IGSK 29) (Guide 374)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .K56 I57 1985


Die Inschriften von Klaudiu Polis. Ed. F. Becker-Bertau. Bonn, 1986 (IGSK 31) (Guide 380)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .C53 I57 1986


Die Inschriften von Knidos. Ed. W. Blümel. Bonn, 1992-<2019>  (IGSK 41) (Guide 318)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .C58 I57 1992 T.1-2


Die Kommagenischen Kultreformen unter Koenig Mithradates I. Kallinikos und seinem Sohne Antiochos I. Ed. H. Waldmann. Leiden, 1973 (Guide 432)

Lee Stacks BL 65 .C8 E88 vol.34


De Koptos à Kosseir. Ed. A. Bernand. Leiden, 1972 (Guide 480)

Lee Stacks BL 820 .P2 B47


Koische Forschungen und Funde. Ed. R. Herzog. Leipzig, 1899 (Guide 1999)

Copy at Hathi Trust


The inscriptions of Kourion. Ed. T.B. Mitford. Philadelphia, 1971 (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society 83) (Guide 252)

Lee Stacks PA 567 .S3 M58x 1971


Die Inschriften von Kyme. Ed. H. Engelmann. Bonn, 1976 (IGSK 5) (Guide 269)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .C9 I57


Die Inschriften von Kyzikos und Umgebung. Ed. E. Schwertheim. Bonn, 1980- (IGSK 18, 26) (Guide 260)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .C95 I57


Cyzicus. Ed. F.W. Hasluck. Cambridge, 1910 (Guide 259)

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