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Epigraphy: M-R

Epigraphical Publications in the BYU Collection (M-R)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard epigraphical abbreviations as found in Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG), PHI, or Claros. Guide numbers refer to Guide de l'Épigraphiste: bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales, ed. François Bérard and others. 4th edition. Paris 2010.

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Malay, Researches, see ETAM 23

Researches in Lydia, Mysia and Aiolis, Ed. H. Malay. Wien, 1999 (Guide 301)

Lee Stacks AS 142 .V32 Bd.279


Monumenta Asiae Minoris antiqua. London, 1928-2013. 11 v. (Guide 256)

Ancient Studies DS 41 .A6 vol.1-11

Meiggs-Lewis, GHI²

 A selection of Greek historical inscriptions to the end of the fifth century B.C. Ed. R. Meiggs and D. Lewis. Oxford, 1988 (Guide 996)

Lee Stacks CN 360 .S45 1988

Merkelbach-Stauber, SGO, see SGO

Michel, Recueil

Recueil d'inscriptions grecques. Ed. C. Michel. Paris, 1897 (1900)-1927 (Guide 43-44)

Copy in Internet Archive

Copy in Hathi Trust

Copy in Google Books

Supplement (1912 and 1927)

Ancient Studies CN 36 .M5 Supp. 1976

Nessana see I.Nessana


Greek sacred law : a collection of new documents. Ed. E. Lupu. 2nd ed. Leiden, 2009 (Guide 1145)

Lee Stacks BL 65 .C8 E88 vol.152 2009


Nouvelles inscriptions de Sardes. Fasc. 1. Ed. L. Robert. Paris, 1964-

Lee Stacks CN 410 .S3 R63x fasc.1


Nomima : recueil d'inscriptions politiques et juridiques de l'archaïsme grec. Ed. H. van Effenterre and F. Ruzé. Rome, 1994. 2 v. (Guide 1064)

Lee Stacks CN 367 .P6 E34x 1994


 Nouvelles inscriptions d'Antioche de Pisidie d'après les Note-books de W. M. Ramsay. Ed. M.A. Byrne and G. Labarre. Bonn, 2006 (IGSK 67) (Guide 398)

Ancient Studies CN 415 .A54 N688 2006

OGIS (see also Syll³)

 Orientis graeci inscriptiones selectae : supplementum Sylloges inscriptionum graecarum. Ed. W. Dittenberger. Leipzig, 1903-1905 (Guide 41)

Ancient Studies CN 405 .D5

See also Gawantka, W. Aktualisierende Konkordanzen zu Dittenbergers Orientis Graeci inscriptiones selectae (OGIS) und zur dritten Auflage der von ihm begründeten Sylloge inscriptionum Graecarum (Syll.³) Hildesheim, 1977 (Subsidia epigraphica ; 8) (Guide 42)

Ancient Studies CN 405 .D5 Supp.

Oliver, Greek constitutions

Greek constitutions of early Roman emperors from insciptions and papyri. Ed. J.H. Oliver. Philadelphia, 1989 (Guide 1093)

Lee Stacks KBD .C65 O44 1989

Pap.Amer.School Ath. (Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens)

2. An epigraphical journey in Asia Minor. Ed. J.R.S. Sterrett. Boston 1888 (Guide 411)

Copy at Hathi Trust

3. The Wolfe Expedition to Asia Minor. Ed. J.R.S. Sterrett. Boston 1888 (Guide 412)

Lee Stacks DF 11 .A54 vol.3

Perdrizet-Lefebvre, Memnonion

Les graffites grecs du Memnonion d'Abydos. Ed. P. Perdrizet and G. Lefebvre. Nancy, 1919 (Inscriptiones Graecae Aegypti 3) (Guide 477)

Ancient Studies CN 440 .I6 vol.3

Pfohl, Griechische Inschriften

Griechische Inschriften als Zeugnisse des privaten und öffentlichen Lebens. Ed. G. Pfohl. München, 1966 (Guide 47)

Lee Stacks CN 370 .P4


Die ostgriechischen Grabreliefs. Ed. E. Pfuhl and H. Möbius. Mainz, 1977-1979 (Guide 1389)

Lee Stacks Quarto NB 133 .P46 1977

Philologus, Suppl. 22(3), 1931

Die Wunderheilungen von Epidauros : ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Medizin und der Religion. Ed. R. Herzog. Leipzig, 1931 (Guide 104)

Lee Stacks R 138 .H47 1931

Pouilloux, Choix

Choix d'inscriptions grecques : textes, traductions et notes. Ed. Institut d'Épigraphie grecque, dir. J. Pouilloux. Paris, 1960 (Guide 45)

Lee Stacks CN 360 .P68 1960

Princeton Exp.Inscr. (Publications of an American archæological expedition to Syria, 1899-1900)

Princeton Exp.Inscr. III. Greek and Latin inscriptions. Ed. W.K. Prentice. New York, 1908 (Guide 428)

Copy at Hathi Trust

Princeton Exp.Inscr. IV. Semitic inscriptions. Ed. E. Littmann. New York, 1904 (not in Guide)

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 3081 .L6

Pugliese, Lamine

 Le lamine d'oro orfiche : istruzioni per il viaggio oltremondano degli iniziati greci. Ed. G. Pugliese Carratelli. Milan, 2001.

Lee Stacks BL 820 .B2 L36 2001


Roman documents from the Greek East. Ed. R.K. Sherk. Baltimore, 1969 (Guide 1016)

Lee Stacks DF 235 .A1 S5

Reinmuth, Eph.Inscr.

The Ephebic inscriptions of the fourth century B.C. Ed. O.W. Reinmuth. Leiden, 1971 (Mnemosyne Supplementum 14)

Lee Stacks DF 95 .R39

Rhodes-Osborne, GHI

Greek historical inscriptions : 404-323 BC. Ed. P.J. Rhodes and R. Osborne. Oxford, 2003 (Guide 997)

Lee Stacks CN 365 .G74 2003


The Roman inscriptions of Britain. Ed. R.G. Collingwood, R.P. Wright. Oxford, 1965- (Guide 708)

Lee Stacks DA 145 .C584 1965 (v.1, v.2 fasc. 1-4, Index only)


Die römischen Inschriften von Tarraco. Ed. G. Alföldy. Berlin, 1975 (Guide 563)

Lee Stacks Quarto GN 835 .A1 M2 Bd.10


Die römischen Inschriften Ungarns. Ed. L.  Barkóczi, A. Mócsy. Amsterdam, 1972- 6+ volumes (Guide 595)

Lee Stacks CN 615 .B37 (vol. 1 only)

RMD (Roman military diplomas)


RMD 1. Roman military diplomas 1954-1977. Ed. M.M. Roxan. London, 1978 (Guide 950.1)

Lee Stacks DG 89 .R69

RMD 2. Roman military diplomas 1978 to 1984. Ed. M.M. Roxan, J.C. Mann. London, 1985 (Guide 950.2)

Lee Stacks DG 89 .R695x 1985


RMD 3. Roman military diplomas 1985-1993. Ed. M.M. Roxan. London, 1994 (Guide 950.3)

Lee Stacks DG 89 .R7 1994

RMD 4. Roman military diplomas IV. Ed. M.M. Roxan, P. Holder. London, 2003 (Guide 950.4)

Lee Stacks PA 25 .L8 Suppl. no.82

RMD 5. Roman military diplomas V. Ed. M.M. Roxan, P. Holder. London, 2006 (Guide 950.6)

Lee Stacks PA 25 .L8 Suppl. no.88

Robert. NISardes, see NIS


Roman roads and milestones of Asia Minor. Ed. D. French. Oxford, 1981- (Guide 956)

Lee Stacks DG 28.5 .F74x 1981