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Epigraphy: Translations

Epigraphical Publications in the BYU Collection (Translations)

Numbers at the end of entries are keyed to Guide de l'Épigraphiste: bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales, ed, François Bérard and others (4th edition. Paris 2010) and annual supplements here. Standard abbreviations, if any, are given at the end of the title.

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Archaic and Classical Greece : a selection of ancient sources in translation. Ed. M. Crawford and D. Whitehead. Cambridge, 1983. (Guide 56)

Lee Stacks DF 12 .C7 1983

Archaic times to the end of the Peloponnesian War. Ed., tr. C.W. Fornara. 2nd ed. Cambridge, 1983 (Translated Documents of Greece and Rome ; 1) (Guide 59.1)

Lee Stacks DF 222 .A7 1983

Les cités de l'occident romain du Ier siècle avant J.-C. au IVe siècle après J.-C. Paris, 1990. Tr. F. Jacques (Guide 64)

Lee Stacks CN 528 .C58 J33 1990

From the end of the Peloponnesian War to the battle of Ipsus. Ed., tr. P. Harding. Cambridge, 1985 (Translated Documents of Greece and Rome ; 2) (Guide 59.2)

Lee Stacks DF 230.9 .F76 1985

The government of the Roman Empire : a sourcebook. Ed. B. Levick. 2nd ed. London, 2000. (Guide 63)

Lee Stacks DG 83 .L62 2000

The Hellenistic age from the battle of Ipsos to the death of Kleopatra VII. Ed., tr. S.M. Burstein. Cambridge, 1985 (Translated Documents of Greece and Rome ; 3) (Guide 59.3)

Lee Stacks DF 235 .A1 H43 1985

The Hellenistic period : historical sources in translation. Ed. R.S. Bagnall and P. Derow. New ed. Malden, Victoria, 2004. (Guide 61)

Lee Stacks DE 86 .H38 2004 ; eBook version here (authentication required).

The Hellenistic world from Alexander to the Roman conquest : a selection of ancient sources in translation. Ed., tr. M.M. Austin. 2nd ed. Cambridge, 2006. (Guide 60)

Lee Stacks DF 235 .A1 H44 2006

Historische griechische Inschriften in Übersetzung : Studienausgabe in einem Band. Darmstadt, 2011. Ed., tr. K. Brodersen, W. Günther, H.H. Schmitt (Guide 58)

Lee Stacks CN 350 .B76x 2011

Imperialisme et democratie a Athenes : inscriptions de l'epoque classique (c.500-317 av. J.C.) Tr. P. Brun (Guide 57)

Lee Stacks CN 384 .B795 2005

Remains of Old Latin. IV. Archaic inscriptions. Ed., tr. E.H. Warmington. Cambridge, MA, 1940 ((Loeb Classical Library) (Guide 520

Lee Stacks PA 2510 .A2 1935 vol.4

Ancient Studies PA 6156 .A1 1935 vol.4

The Roman Empire : Augustus to Hadrian. Ed., tr. R.K. Sherk. Cambridge, 1988 (Translated Documents of Greece and Rome ; 6) (Guide 59.6)

Lee Stacks DG 275 .R65 1988

The Romans in Britain: an anthology of inscriptions with translations and a running commentary. Ed., tr. A.R. Burn. Oxford, 1969. 2nd ed. (Guide 711)

Lee Stacks CN 590 .B8 1969

Rome and the Greek East to the death of Augustus. Ed., tr. R.K. Sherk. Cambridge, 1984 (Translated Documents of Greece and Rome ; 4) (Guide 59.4)

Lee Stacks DE 86 .R65 1984