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Papyrology: Reference

Resources for research in papyrology in the Lee Library and elsewhere

Handbooks, Manuals, etc.

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Association Internationale de Papyrologues. Guidelines for Editing Papyri

Guidelines for implementing the Leiden system of signs and other modern papyrological practices. The purpose of these Guidelines is to propose precise norms for editing Greek/Latin, Demotic and Coptic papyri. It also proposes new rules for rendering certain data not taken into account by the Leiden system and for which a uniform treatment would facilitate systematic study.

Bagnall, Roger S., ed. The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology. Oxford, 2009.

Ancient Studies Z 110 .P36 O98 2009

Bagnall, Roger S., Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History, London, 1995.

Lee Stacks D 56 .B34 1994

Electronic copy from University of Michigan Digital Library

Boswinkel, Ernst and P.J. Sijpesteijn. Greek Papyri, Ostraca and Mummy Labels. Amsterdam, 1968.

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3300 .A1 .B6 1968

Gallo, Italo. Greek and Latin Papyrology.

Ancient Studies Z 6605 .G7 G36x 1986

Harrauer, Hermann. Handbuch der griechischen Paläographie. Stuttgart, 2010. 2 volumes.

Ancient Studies Z 113.8 .H37 2010

Hohlwein, Nicolas. La Papyrologie Grecque, Bibliographie raisonée. Louvain, 1905.

Copy in Google Books.

Lewis, Naphtali. Papyrology. Cambridge, 1985.

Lee Stacks PA 25 .Y3 vol.28

McIlwaine, I.C. Herculaneum : a guide to printed sources. Napoli, 1988.

Ancient Studies DG 70 .H5 X6 1988 vol. 1-2

McIlwaine, I.C. Herculaneum : a guide to sources, 1980-2007. Napoli, 2009.

Ancient Studies DG 70 .H5 X65 2009

McNamee, Kathleen. Annotations in Greek and Latin Texts from Egypt. New Haven, 2007.

Lee Stacks PA 3343 .M39 2007

McNamee, Kathleen. Sigla and Select Marginalia in Greek Literary Papyri. Bruxelles, 1992.

Ancient Studies PA 3343 .M4 1992

Mitteis, Ludwig and Ulrich Wilcken, Grundzüge und Chrestomathie der Papyruskunde. Hildesheim, 1963. 4 vol.

Ancient Studies PA 3341 .G7 1963

Montevecchi, Orsolina. La Papirologia. Milano, 1988.

Ancient Studies PA 3341 .M6 1988

Pestman, P.W. The New Papyrological Primer, 2nd ed. Leiden, 1994.

Ancient Studies PA 3316 .P4x 1994

Reggiani, Nicola. Papirologia : la cultura scrittoria dell'Egitto greco-romano. Parma, 2019.

Lee Stacks Z 110 .P36 R44 2019

Schubart, W. Einführung in die Papyruskunde. Berlin 1918.

Copy in Internet Archive.

Seider, Richard. Paläographie der griechischen Papyri. Bd. I Urkunden, Bd. II Literarische Papyri, Bd. III Text, pt. 1 Urkundenschrift. Stuttgart 1967, 1970, 1990.

Ancient Studies Z 113.8 .S4 1967

Seider, Richard. Paläographie der lateinischen Papyri. Bd. I Urkunden, Bd. II.1 Literarische Papyri. Texte klassischer Autoren, Bd. II.2 Literarische Papyri. Juristische und christliche Texte. Stuttgart 1972-1981.

Ancient Studies Z 114 .S38 1972

Turner, E.G. Greek Papyri, an Introduction. Oxford, 1980.

Conservation Lab Z 6605 .G7 T8 1990

Turner, E.G. The Papyrologist at Work. Durham, N.C., 1973.

Conservation Lab Z114 .T8x 1973

Youtie, H.C. The Textual Criticism of Documentary Papyri: Prolegomena, 2nd ed. London, 1974

Lee Stacks PA 25 .L8 Suppl. no.33

Language Dictionaries

This section includes Demotic and Coptic dictionaries, and Greek and Latin language dictionaries geared toward papyrology. For general Greek and Latin dictionaries, see the Classical Studies Guide.

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The Chicago Demotic Dictionary

Ongoing project of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

Cervenka-Ehrenstrasser, Irene-Maria. Lexikon der lateinischen Lehnwörter in den griechischsprachigen dokumentarischen Texten Ägyptens mit Berücksichtigung koptischer Quellen. Wien, 1996-

Ancient Studies PA 425 .L49x 1996

Crum, W.E. Coptic Dictionary. Oxford, 1939.

Ancient Studies PJ 2181 .C7

Erochsen, W. Demotisches Glossar. Kopenhagen, 1954.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1433 .E7

Kasser, Rodlphe, Compléments au dictionnaire copte de Crum. Le Caire, 1964.

Ancient Studies PJ 2195 .B5 vol.7

Kretschmer, Paul. Rücklaüfiges Wörterbuch der griechischen Sprache. Göttingen, 1963.

Ancient Studies PA 459 .K74x 1963

Westendorf, Wolfhart. Koptisches Handwörterbuch. Heidelberg, 1965-1997

Ancient Studies PJ 2181 .W46

Catalogs, Indexes, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

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Site dedicated to the study of ancient papyrological documents. Includes an ever-expanding index to papyrological publications under search:data (searches the texts of the papyri) and search: bibliography (searches the texts of the publications).

L'Année Philologique

1949-present. Indexes books and periodical articles as well as articles in collections and conference papers in all areas of classics and classical studies including papyrology (L'Année Philologique section IVD) and epigraphy (L'Année Philologique section IVB).
Also available in print: Ancient Studies PA 29 .A55.

Attiya, Aziz S., ed. The Coptic Encyclopedia. New York, 1991.

Religion/Family History Reference BX 130.5 .C66 1991

 Berichtigungsliste der griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten. Berlin, etc., 1913 [i.e. 1922]-  . 13+ volumes. Lists reeditions of and corrections to published papyri.

Ancient Studies PA 3303 .B47 1913. Library has Bd. 1, 3-12

PDF file of Bd. 13 available here.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3303 .B47 1913. Library has Bd. 1-4

Concordances to Berichtigungsliste 1-11 are at

Ancient Studies PA 3303 .B47 1913 Index Bd.1-7

Ancient Studies PA 3303 .B47 1913 Index Bd.8-11

This volume also includes a CD-ROM containing the contents of Berichtigungsliste 1-11

Bibliographie Papyrologique en ligne

Index to periodical literature about papyrology. Hosted by Association Egyptologique Reine Elisabeth.

Buck, Carl Darling, & Walter Petersen. A reverse index of Greek nouns and adjectives, arranged by terminations with brief historical introduction. Hildesheim, 1970 (reprint of Chicago, 1945)

Ancient Studies PA 459 .B8 1970

Bulletin of Online Emendations to Papyri (BOEP)

Listing of emendations to readings in previously-published papyri. Keyed to the Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets. Updated periodically.

Catalogue of Paraliterary Papyri

Descriptions of Greek papyri which, because of their paraliterary character, cannot be found in the standard databases of literary and documentary papyri.

Commentaria et lexica graeca in papyris reperta (CLGP). Berlin, 2009-

Ancient Studies PA 3301 .C66 2009

Graeco-Roman Archives from the Fayum. Ed. K. Vandorpe, W. Clarysse, H. Verreth. Leuven, 2015.

Ancient Studies CD 2337.5 .F39 V36 2015

Leuven Database of Ancient Books

Database collecting basic information on all ancient literary texts, including texts on papyri.

Lexikon der Ägyptologie. Wiesbaden, 1975-

Ancient Studies PA 1031 .H4

The Mertens-Pack³ database project

Index of literary papyri. Based om R.A. Pack’s The Greek and Latin Literary Texts from Greco-Roman Egypt (Ann Arbor: Univ. of Michigan Press, 1952; revised 1965).

Preisigke, Friedrich. Fachwörter des öffentlichen Verwaltungsdienstes Ägyptens in der griechischen Papyrusurkunden der ptolemäisch-römischen Zeit. Göttingen, 1915.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 455 .P8 P74 1915

Copy in Internet Archive

Preisigke, Friedrich. Wörterbuch der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden mit Einschluss der Griechischen Inschriften, Aufschriften, Ostraka, Mumienschilder usw. aus Ägypten. Berlin, 1925-<2000>. 4 vol. + 3 supplements.

In addition to defining terms, this resource tracks usage in the papyri and is thus a partial index to the corpus.

Ancient Studies PA 3369 .P75

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3369 .P75 (v.1-3 only)

Prosopographia Ptolemaica, 1950-

X. Foreign Ethnics in Hellenistic Egypt, ed. C. A. La'da. 2002.

On order for Ancient Studies

Till, W.C., ed. Datierung und Prosopographie der koptischen Urkunden aus Theben. Wien, 1962.

Lee Stacks AS 142 .V31 Bd.240 Abh.1

Timm, Stefan. Das christlich-koptische Ägypten in arabischer Zeit: Eine Sammlung christlicher Stätten in Ägypten in arabischer Zeit unter Ausschluss von Alexandria, Kairo, des Apa-Mena-Klosters (Der Abu Mina), der Sketis (Wadi n-Natrun) und der Sinai-Region. Wiesbaden 1984-2007. 7 vol.

Lee Stacks DT 72 .C7 T56 1984

WörterListen aus den Registern von Publikationen griechischer und lateinischer dokumentarischer Papyri und Ostraka by Dieter Hagedorn und Klaus Maresch of the University of Cologne

WörterListen from the Zentrum für Altertumswissenschaften

Word lists from recent publications of papyri and ostraca, including reverse indexes.

Dictionaries and Indexes of Names Appearing in Papyri

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Bureth, Paul. Les Titulatures impériales dans les papyrus, les ostraca et les inscriptions d’Égypte (30 a.C.—284 p.C.). Bruxelles, 1964.

Ancient Studies PA 3367 .B87 1964

Calderini, Aristide. Dizionario dei nomi geografici e topografici dell’Egitto greco-romano. Milano, 1966-1988.5 vol. + Suppl.

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 45 .C3 1972

Dornseiff, Franz. Reverse Lexicon of Greek Proper Names = Rücklaüfiges Wörterbuch der griechischen Eigennamen. Chicago, 1978.

Lee Stacks PA 423 .D67x 1978

Hasitzka, Monika. Namen in koptischen dokumentarischen Texten. 2007.

Lexonyme : dictionnaire étymologique et sémantique des anthroponymes grecs antiques, ed. S. Minon. Geneva, 2023-

Lee Stacks CS 2349 .L49 2023

Lüddeckens, E. and H.J. Thissen. Demotisches Namenbuch. Wiesbaden, 1980-2000.

Ancient Studies PJ 1107 .D45x vol.1

Pape, Wilhelm. Wörterbuch der griechischen Eigennamen. Graz, 1959. 2 vol.

Ancient Studies PA 449 .P3 1959

Preisigke, Friedrich. Namenbuch enthaltend alle griechischen, lateinischen, ägyptischen, hebräischen, arabischen und sonstigen semitischen und nichtsemitischen Menschennamen, soweit sie in griechischen Urkunden (Papyri, Ostraka, Inschriften, Mumienschildern usw) Ägyptens sich vorfinden. Heidelberg, 1922.

Ancient Studies PA 3369 .P7

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3369 .P7

Supplement: Foraboschi, Daniele. Onomasticon alterum papyrologicum. Milan, 1967-1971. 4 vol.

Ancient Studies PA 3369 .F65

Prosopographia Ptolemaica

Database listing all known inhabitants of Egypt between 300 and 30 B.C. from Greek, Egyptian and Latin sources.

The Roman bastards database

All the papyrological, epigraphic and legal evidence concerning illegitimate children in the Roman Empire up to the reign of Constantine the Great.

Ronchi, Giulia. Lexicon theonymon rerumque sacrarum et divinarum ad Aegyptum pertinentium quae in papyris ostracis titulis Graecis Latinisque in Aegypto repertis laudantur. Milan, 1974-1977.

Ancient Studies BL 2443 .X1 R66

Ruozzi Sala, Susanna Maria. Lexicon nominum Semiticorum quae in papyris Graecis in Aegypto repertis ab anno 323 a.Ch.n. usque ad annum 70 p.Ch.n. laudata reperiuntur. Milan, 1974.

Lee Stacks CS 2955 .R8