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Papyrology: Princ.Stud.Pap.-UPZ

Resources for research in papyrology in the Lee Library and elsewhere

Papyrus Publications in the BYU Collection (Checklist Princ.Stud.Pap.-UPZ)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard Papyrological abbreviations in Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets (with post-2012 updates here) and the Checklist of Arabic Documents.

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Princ.Stud.Pap. (Princeton University Studies in Papyrology)

 Princ.Stud.Pap. I, see P.Princ. II.

 Princ.Stud.Pap. II, Taxation in Egypt from Augustus to Diocletian, by S.L. Wallace. 1938. Reprint New York 1969.

Lee Stacks HJ 213 .W35x 1969

 Princ.Stud.Pap. III, The John H. Scheide Biblical Papyri: Ezekiel (P.Princ.Scheide) ed. A.C. Johnson, H.S. Gehman and E.H. Kase, Jr. 1938.

Ancient Studies BS 1544 .G7 J6

 Princ.Stud.Pap. IV, see P.Princ. III.

Publ.Soc.Fouad (Publications de la Société Fouad I (later Égyptienne) de Papyrologie, Textes et Documents)

 Publ.Soc.Fouad I, see P.Enteux.

Publ.Soc.Fouad II, Un livre d’écolier du IIIe siècle avant J.-C., ed. O. Guéraud and P. Jouguet. 1938.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3303 .G84 1938

 Publ.Soc.Fouad III, see P.Fouad.

 Publ.Soc.Fouad IV, I resti dell’XI libro del peri physeos di Epicuro, ed. A. Vogliano. 1940.

Ancient Studies B 570 .A5 1940

 Ancient Studies Microfiche B 570 .A5 1940

 Publ.Soc.Fouad V, see P.Cair.Zen. V.

 Publ.Soc.Fouad VI, see O.Mattha.

 Publ.Soc.Fouad VII, see P.Phil.

 Publ.Soc.Fouad VIII, see P.FuadUniv.

Publ.Soc.Fouad IX, Entretien d’Origène avec Héraclide et les évêques, ses collègues, sur le père, le fils et l’âme, ed. J. Scherer. 1949.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3303 .S34 1949

 Publ.Soc.Fouad X, Les Inscriptions grecques du temple de Hatshepsout à Deir el-Bahari, ed. A. Bataille. 1951.

Ancient Studies CN 441 .D45 B37

 Ancient Studies Microfiche CN 441 .D45 B37


Roman Military Records on Papyrus, ed. R.O. Fink. Cleveland, 1971.

Lee Stacks U 35 .F55 1971


Sammelbuch griechischer Urkunden aus Aegypten. 1913-<2012> (A collection of documentary papyri, ostraca, inscriptions, mummy tablets and related texts published in journals or unindexed catalogues. Begun by F. Preisigke in 1915, continued by F. Bilabel, E. Kiessling, and H.-A. Rupprecht).

Ancient Studies PA 3316 .P74 (Library lacks Bd.4-5; Bd.1-3 are 1974 reprint)

 Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3316 .P74 (Bd.1-5)

Copy of vol. 1 in Internet Archive.

Copy of vol. 2 in Internet Archive.

SB Beiheft

  SB Beiheft 1. See P.Rev (2nd ed.)

SB Kopt.

Koptisches Sammelbuch. 1993-<2020> (MPER n.S. 23)

Ancient Studies PA 3308 .V5 n.S. no.23 vol.1-5

Schr.Heid. (Papyrusinstitut Heidelberg, Schriften)

 Schr.Heid. I, Vom göttlichen Fluidum nach ägyptischer Anschauung, by F. Preisigke. 1920.

Ancient Studies BL 2445 .P7 1920

Copy in Google Books or Internet Archive.

  Schr.Heid. II, see P.Katoché.

Schr.Heid. IV, see O.Berl.


Select Papyri. (The Loeb Classical Library). London and Cambridge, Mass, 1932-1942. 3 vol.

Ancient Studies PA 3611 .A9 1932

Lee Stacks PA 3301 .H8 1932

Copy of vol. 2 in Internet Archive

Copy of vol. 3 in Internet Archive

Shorthand Manuals

Greek Shorthand Manuals, ed. H.J.M. Milne. London, 1934.

Ancient Studies Z 114 .M66

Stud.Amst. (Studia Amstelodamensia ad epigraphicam, ius antiquum et papyrologicam pertinentia)

 Stud.Amst. I, see P.Vind.Worp.

Stud.Amst. VIII, Chronological Systems of Byzantine Egypt, by R.S. Bagnall and K.A. Worp. 1978.

Lee Stacks CE 29 .B34 1978

Second edition (Brill, 2004)

Ancient Studies CE 29 .B34 2004

Stud.Amst. XVII, see P.Customs

 Stud.Amst. XVIII, Gaius Noster: Plaidoyer pour Gaius, by O. Stanojevic. 1989.

Ancient Studies KJA 882 .S7 1989

 Stud.Amst. XIX, see P.Mich. XV.

 Stud.Amst. XXIX, Roman Imperial Titulature and Chronology, A.D. 235—284, by M. Peachin. 1990.

Lee Stacks DG 305 .P42x 1990

Stud.Amst. XXX, Le Droit romain en Dacie, by V. Sotropa. 1990.

Ancient Studies KJA 190 .S68 1990

 Stud.Amst. XXXII, see P.Erasm. II

 Stud.Amst. XXXIII, see P.Pher.

Stud.Amst. XXXIV, see P.Bodl. I

Stud.Amst. XXXV, Collatio Iuris Romani, Études dédiées à Hans Ankum à l’occasion de son 65e anniversaire, ed. R. Feenstra, A.S. Hartkamp, J.E. Spruit, P.J. Sijpesteijn and L.C. Winkel. 1995.

Ancient Studies KJA 147 .C59 1995

 Stud.Amst. XXXVI, see P.Mich. XVIII.

Stud.Amst. XXXVII, Die Fiduzia im römischen Recht, by G. Noordraven. 1999.

Ancient Studies KJA 2506 .N6615 1999

Stud.Amst. XXXVIII, Viva Vox Iuris Romani: Essays in Honour of Johannes Emil Spruit, ed. L. de Ligt, J. de Ruiter, E. Slob, J.M. Tevel, M. van de Vrugt and L.C. Winkel.  2002.

Ancient Studies KJA 147 .V593 2002

Stud.Amst. XXXIX, The Theodosian code : a study, by A.J.B. Sirks. 2007.

On order for Ancient Studies 18 October 2014

Stud.Demotica (Studia Demotica)

Stud.Demotica I, see DemCongr. II

Stud.Demotica II, see P.Choach.Survey.

Stud.Demotica III, see P.Hou.

Stud.Demotica IV, see P.Tsenhor.

Stud.Demotica V, Some Coins of Artaxerxes and other Short Texts in the Demotic Script Found on Various Objects and Gathered from Many Publications, ed. S.P. Vleeming. 2001.

Ancient Studies PJ 1521 .V58 2001

Stud.Demotica VI, see P.Zauzich.

Stud.Demotica VIII, see O.Taxes II

Stud.Pal. (or SPP) (Studien zur Palaeographie und Papyruskunde)

Stud.Pal. I. 1901.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.1-2, 4

Copy in Google Books.

Stud.Pal. II. 1902.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.1-2, 4

Stud.Pal. III, Griechische Papyrusurkunden kleineren Formats I (P.Kl. Form. I), ed. C. Wessely. 1904.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.3, 8

Stud.Pal. III², = Griechische Papyrusurkunden kleineren Formats Neuedition.

Pt. 1, Quittungen, Lieferungskäufe, und Darlehen, ed. S. Tost. Vienna 2007. (Pap.Vind. 2).

Ancient Studies PA 3308 .V645 Bd.1

Pt. 2, Schuldscheine und Quittungen, ed. F. Mitthof. Vienna 2007. (Pap.Vind. 3).

Ancient Studies PA 3308 .V645 Bd.2

Pt. 5, Quittungen für die Getreidesteuer, ed. C. Kreuzsaler. Vienna 2007. (Pap.Vind. 6).

Ancient Studies PA 3308 .V645 Bd.5

Stud.Pal. IV. 1905.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.1-2, 4

Stud.Pal. V, Corpus Papyrorum Hermopolitanorum I (C.P.Herm.), ed. C. Wessely. 1905.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.5

Copy in Google Books.

Copy in Hathi Trust.

Stud.Pal. VIII, Griechische Papyrusurkunden kleineren Formats II (P.Kl. Form. II), ed. C. Wessely. 1908.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.3, 8

Stud.Pal. X, Griechische Texte zur Topographie Ägyptens, ed. C. Wessely. 1910.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.10

Stud.Pal. XII, Griechische und koptische Texte theologischen Inhalts III, ed. C. Wessely. 1912.

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3339 .S7 vol.12 (1966 reprint)

Stud.Pal. XX, Catalogus Papyrorum Raineri. Series Graeca. Pars I. Textus Graeci papyrorum, qui in libro "Papyrus Erzherzog Rainer–Führer durch die Austellung Wien 1894" descripti sunt, ed. C. Wessely. 1921.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.20

Stud.Pal. XXI, Griechisch-ägyptischer Offenbarungszauber, ed. Th. Hopfner. 1921. Revised ed. Amsterdam 1974.

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3339 .S7 1921 vol.1

Copy of vol. 1 in Internet Archive

Stud.Pal. XXII, Catalogus papyrorum Raineri. Series Graeca. Pars II. Papyri N.24858—25024, aliique in Socnopaei Insula scripti, ed. C. Wessely. 1922.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3339 .S7 vol.22

Digital copy at Columbia University

Stud.Test.Pap. (Studi e testi di Papirologia)

Stud.Test.Pap. 1, Il testamento romano attraverso la prassi documentale., by M. Amelotti. 1966

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 vol.1

Stud.Test.Pap. 2, Ricerche sulla maiuscola biblica, by G. Cavallo. 2 vols. 1967.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 vol.2

Stud.Test.Pap. 3, Il Cristianesimo in Egitto: Lettere private nei papiri dei secoli II-IV, by M. Naldini. Florence 1968.

Ancient Studies BR 190 .N3 1968

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 1, Nine Homeric Papyri from Oxyrhynchus, ed. J. Spooner. 2002.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.1

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 2, Le calzature nei papiri di eta greco-romana, by S. Russo. 2004.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.2

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 3, Il libro greco dalle origini al Rinascimento, by J. Irigoin, tr. A. Magnani. 2009.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.3

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 4, Il papiro di Posidippo un anno dopo. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi. Firenze, 13-14 giugno 2002, ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. 2002.

On order for Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.4

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 5, Menandro: Cent'anni di papiri. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi. Firenze, 12-13 giugno 2003, ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. 2004.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.5

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 6, La ceramica da Antinoe, by M.E. Guidotti e L. Pesi. 2004.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.6

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 7, Euripide e i papiri. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi. Firenze 10-11 giugno 2004, ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. 2005.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.7

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 8, Callimaco: cent’anni di papiri. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi. Firenze 9-10 giugno 2005, ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. 2006.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.8

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 9, I papiri di Saffo e di Alceo. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi. Firenze 8-9 giugno 2006, ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. 2007.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.9

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 10, Esiodo : cent'anni di papiri. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi, Firenze, 7-8 giugno 2007, ed. G. Bastianini. 2008.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.10

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 11, 100 anni di istituzioni Fiorentine per la papirologia : 1908 Societa Italiana per la ricerca dei Papiri 1928 Istituto Papirologico. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi, Firenze, 12-13 giugno 2008. Ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. 2009.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.11

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 12, I papiri del romanzo antico. Atti del Convegno internazionale di studi, Firenze, 11-12 giugno 2009. Ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. 2010.

On order for Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.12

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 13, I papiri letterari cristiani Atti del Convegno internazionale di studi in memoria di Mario Naldini, Firenze, 10-11 giugno 2010. Ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. 2011.

On order for Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.13

Stud.Test.Pap. n.s. 14. I papiri omerici : atti del convegno internazionale di studi, Firenze 9-10 giugno 2011, ed. G. Bastianini and A. Casanova. Firenze, 2012.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .S68 N.S.14


Supplementum Magicum, ed. with translations and notes by R.W. Daniel and F. Maltomini. Opladen, 1990-1992. 2 vol.

Ancient Studies PJ 1014 .P3 vol.16


Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum IV Supplementum. Pars I, Tabulae ceratae Pompeiis repertae annis MCCCLXXV et MCCCLXXXVII, ed. K. Zangemeister. Berlin, 1898.

Ancient Studies Quarto CN 520 .C6 vol.4 Suppl. pt.1

T.Mom.Louvre  = "Catalogue des étiquettes de momies du Musée du Louvre," ed. F. Baratte and B. Boyaval. Lille 1974—1981. Pt. 1, nos. 1—259 (CRIPEL 2, 1974); pt. 2, nos. 260—688 (CRIPEL 3, 1975); pt. 3, nos. 689—999 (CRIPEL 4, 1976); pt. 4, nos. 1000—1209 and indexes (CRIPEL 5, 1979); corrigenda (CRIPEL 6, 1981).

CRIPEL I-VI Études sur l’Égypte et le Soudan anciens. Lille and Paris (Éditions Universitaires) 1973-1981.

Ancient Studies DT 57.5 .E88 no.2-6


Tabulae Pompeianae Sulpiciorum: edizione critica dell'archivio puteolano dei Sulpicii, ed. G. Camodeca. 2 vols. Rome 1999. (Vetera 12)

On order for Ancient Studies November 2011 ; 12 October 2017


Tavolette lignee e cerate da varie collezioni, ed. R. Pintaudi, P.J. Sijpesteijn et al. Florence 1989. (Pap.Flor. XVIII)

Ancient Studies Z 110 .T2 T38 1989


T.Vindol. I, Vindolanda: the Latin Writing Tablets, ed. A.K. Bowman and J.D. Thomas. London, 1983.

Ancient Studies CN 595 .V56 vol.1

T.Vindol. II, The Vindolanda writing-tablets, ed. A.K. Bowman and J.D. Thomas, with contributions by J.N. Adams. London 1994.

Ancient Studies CN 595 .V56 vol.2

T.Vindol. III, The Vindolanda writing-tablets, ed. A. K. Bowman and J. D. Thomas with contributions by J. Pearce. London, 2003.

Ancient Studies CN 595 .V56 vol.3

T.Vindol. IV, ed. A.K. Bowman, J.D. Thomas and R.S.O. Tomlin. Pt. 1: Britannia 41 (2010) 187–224. Nos. 854–869. Pt. 2: Britannia 42 (2011) 113–144. Nos. 870–889.

Lee Stacks DA 10 .B73 vol. 41 & 42 (also available online, see catalog record for access)

See also the online presentation of the tablets at


Die römischen Schreibtafeln von Vindonissa, ed. M.A. Speidel. Brugg, 1996.

Ancient Studies CN 680 .S745 1996

TOP (Trismegistos online publications)

TOP I, M. Depauw, A chronological survey of precisely dated demotic and abnormal hieratic sources (version 1.0, 2007)

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T75 vol.1

Downloadable here.

TOP II, H. Verreth, A survey of toponyms in Egypt in the Graeco-Roman period (version 1.0, 2008)

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T75 vol.2

Downloadable here.

TOP III, H. Verreth, The provenance of Egyptian documents from the 8th century BC till the 8th century AD (version 1.0, 2009)

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T75 vol.3

Downloadable here.

TOP IV, A. Benaissa, Rural settlements of the Oxyrhynchite Nome : a papyrological survey (version 2.0, 2012).

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T75 vol.4

Downloadable here.

TOP V, H. Verreth, Toponyms in demotic and  abnormal hieratic texts from the 8th century BC till the 5th century AD (version 1.0, 2011).

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T75 vol.5

Downloadable here.

TOP VI, K.A. Worp, A new survey of Greek, Coptic, Demotic and Latin tabulae preserved from classical antiquity (version 1.0, 2012).

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T75 vol.6

Downloadable here.

TOP VII, J. Lundon, The scholia minora in Homerum : an alphabetical list (version 1.0, 2012)

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T75 vol.7

Downloadable here.

TOP VIII, Y. Broux, Double names in Roman Egypt : a prosopography. 2014 (Version 1.0, January 2015)

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T75 vol.8

Downloadable here.

TOP SS  (Trismegistos online publications special series)

Unnumbered volumes

J. France, Theadelpheia and Euhemereia. Village History in Graeco-Roman Egypt. 1999

Ancient Studies DT 137 .A77 F73 1999

Downloadable here.

K. Vandorpe, Egyptische geografische elementen in Griekse transcriptie. 1988.

Ancient Studies PJ 1435 .V36 1988

Downloadable here.

H. Verreth, The northern Sinai from the 7th century BC till the 7th century AD : a guide to the sources. 2006.

Ancient Studies DT137.S55 V47 2006

Downloadable here.

Numbered volumes

TOP SS 1, K. Geens. Panopolis, a Nome Capital in Egypt in the Roman and Byzantine Period (ca. AD 200-600) (Diss. Leuven, 2007), 2014.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .T76 vol.1

Downloadable here.

TycheSuppl. (Tyche, Supplementbände)

TycheSuppl. 1, A Mithraic Catechism from Egypt, by W.M. Brashear. 1992.

On order for Ancient Studies 20 October 2020

TycheSuppl. 2. Das europäische "Barbaricum" und die Zone der Mediterrankultur: Ihre historische Wechselwirkung und das Geschichtsbild des Poseidonios, by G. Dobesch. 1995.

On order for Ancient Studies 20 October 2020

TycheSuppl. 3, Ostrakismos und Prominenz in Athen: Attische Bürger des 5. Jh. v. Chr. auf den Ostraka, by S. Brenne. 2000. 

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.3

TycheSuppl. 4, Foederati. Von der völkerrechtlichen Kategorie zur byzantinischen Truppengattung, by R. Scharf. 2001.

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.4

TycheSuppl. 5, Stifterinschriften auf Mosaiken Westkleinasiens, by Veronika Scheibelreiter. 2006.

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.5

TycheSuppl. 6, see O.Cret.Chers.

TycheSuppl. 7, Juristische Begriffe im ersten Korintherbrief des Paulus : eine semantisch-lexikalische Untersuchung auf der Basis der zeitgenössischen griechischen Papyri, by Amphilochios Papathomas. 2009.

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.7

TycheSuppl. 8, Inscriptions of the Cave "Latsida ston Keramo" = Inscriptiones Creticae "Latsidae Kerami" Antri, I.Cret.LKA, by Nikos Litinas. 2014.

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.8

TycheSuppl. 9, Appians Keltikē : Einleitung, Text, Übersetzung und Kommentar, by Andreas Hofeneder. 2018.

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.9

TycheSuppl. 10, Sprachen, Schriftkulturen, Identitäten der Antike : Beiträge des XV. Internationalen Kongresses für Griechische und Lateinische Epigraphik, Wien, 28. August bis 1. September 2017. 2019.

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.10

TycheSuppl. 12, Empire in crisis: Gothic invasions and Roman historiography : Beiträge einer internationalen Tagung zu den Wiener Dexipp-Fragmenten (Dexippus Vindobonensis) Wien, 3.-6. Mai 2017, ed. F. Mitthof, G. Martin, J. Grusková. 2020

On order for Ancient Studies 20 October 2020

TycheSuppl. 13, Ethnic terminology in Hellenistic and Early Roman Egypt :|bnew sources and new perspectives of research, by Csaba A. La'da. 2019.

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.13


Urkunden der Ptolemäerzeit (ältere Funde), ed. U. Wilcken. 1927-1934. 2 vol.

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3316 .W55 (Bd.1, Bd.2:Lfg.1 (lacks Lfg.2))

 Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3316 .W55 (Bd.1 only)