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Papyrology: P.Tarich-P.Zen.Pestm.

Resources for research in papyrology in the Lee Library and elsewhere

Papyrus Publications in the BYU Collection (Checklist P.Tarich.-P.Zen.Pestm.)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard Papyrological abbreviations in Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets (with post-2012 updates here) and the Checklist of Arabic Documents.

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Das Archiv der Taricheuten Amenneus und Onnophris aus Tanis, ed. C. Armoni (Pap.Colon. XXXVII)

Ancient Studies PJ 1014 .P3 vol.37

P.Tebt. (The Tebtunis Papyri)

P.Tebt. I, ed. B.P. Grenfell, A.S. Hunt and J.G. Smyly. 1902. (Univ. of California Publications, Graeco-Roman Archaeology I; Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 4)

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .T3 vol.1

Copy of vol. 1 in Internet Archive.

P.Tebt. II, ed. B.P. Grenfell and A.S. Hunt. 1907. (Univ. of California Publications, Graeco-Roman Archaeology II). Reprint 1970. (Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 52).

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .T3 vol.2

Copy of vol. 2 in Internet Archive or Google Books.

P.Tebt. III, pt. I, ed. A.S. Hunt and J.G. Smyly, assisted by B.P. Grenfell, E. Lobel and M. Rostovtzeff. 1933. (Univ. of California Publications, Graeco-Roman Archaeology III; Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 23).

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .T3 vol.3 pt.1

Copy of vol. 3, pt. 1 in Internet Archive.

P.Tebt. III, pt. II, ed. A.S. Hunt, J.G. Smyly and C.C. Edgar. 1938. (Univ. of California Publications, Graeco-Roman Archaeology IV; Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 25).

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .T3 vol.3 pt.2

P.Tebt. IV, ed. J.G. Keenan and J.C. Shelton. 1976. (Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 64)

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .T3 vol.4

P.Tebt. V, Regaling Officials in Ptolemaic Egypt, ed. A. Verhoogt. Leiden and Boston 2005. (Pap.Lugd.Bat. XXXII)

Ancient Studies PA 3301 .P34 vol.32

P.Tebt.Pad. = Papiri Greci da Tebtynis della Università di Padova.

P.Tebt.Pad. I, ed. A. Soldati. 2015. (Philippika. Altertumswissenschaftliche Abhandlungen. Contributions to the Study of Ancient World Cultures 85,1).

Ancient Studies PA 3310 .P37 2015


Papyri from Tebtunis in Egyptian and Greek, ed. W.J. Tait. London, 1977.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1501 .T3


New Texts in the Economy of Tebtunis, ed. E.W. Wall. Diss. Duke University, Durham, N.C. 1983.

Ancient Studies DT 73 .T247 W3 1983


The Archive of Teos and Thabis from Early Ptolemaic Thebes. P. Brux. Dem. Inv. E. 8252-8256, ed. M. Depauw. Turnhout 2000. (Monographies Reine Élisabeth 8)

Ancient Studies PJ 1801 .D46 2000


Papyrus de Théadelphie, ed. P. Jouguet. Paris 1911.

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .T5 1974


Essays and Texts in Honor of J. David Thomas, ed. T. Gagos and R.S. Bagnall. Oakville, 2001 (Am.Stud.Pap. XLII)

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .E88 2001

Click here for digital copy


"Papyri graeci Regii Taurinensis Musei Aegyptii," ed. A. Peyron in Reale Accademia di Torino, Classe di Scienze Morali, Storiche e Filologiche, Memorie 31 (1827) 9—188 and 33 (1829) 1—80.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3310 .T87 1826


L'Archivio di Amenothes figlio di Horos. Testi demotici e greci relativi ad una famiglia di imbalsamatori del secondo sec. a.C., ed. P.W. Pestman. Milan 1981. (Mus.Tor. V)

Ancient Studies PJ 1811 .A73 1981

P.Trier  = Papyri der Trierer Papyrussammlung

P.Trier I, Neue Quellen zum Prozessrecht der Ptolemäerzeit. Gerichtsakten aus der Trierer Papyrussammlung (P.Trier I). Ed. B. Kramer, C. Sánchez-Moreno Ellart. Berlin and Boston 2017. (ArchivBeih. 36).

Ancient Studies KL 3047 .N48 2017

P.Trier II, Stellenbesetzung und Besoldung in der Militärverwaltung der Ptolemäerzeit (P.Trier II 15). Ed. C. Werner. Berlin and Boston 2019. (ArchivBeih. 38)

Ancient Studies DT 92 .A2 W47 2019


Les Papyrus démotiques de Tsenhor, ed. P.W. Pestman. Leuven 1994. 2 v. (Stud. Demotica IV)

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1809 .P47 1994


Papyri Turkuenses (P.Turku): die Papyri im Besitz der Universitätsbibliothek Turku, ed. H. Koskenniemi, E. Koskenniemi and J. Koskenniemi. Helsinki 2014 (Commentationes humanarum litterarum 131)

Ancient Studies PA 3314 .F5 T8 2014


Papyri Greek and Egyptian Edited by Various Hands in Honour of Eric Gardner Turner on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday, ed. P.J. Parsons, J.R. Rea and others. London 1981. (Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 68)

Ancient Studies PA 3301 .P32 1981


Papyri Greek and Egyptian Edited by Various Hands in Der Fluch des Christen Sabinus, Papyrus Upsaliensis 8, ed. G. Björk. Uppsala 1938. (Arbeten utgivna med understöd av Vilhelm Ekmans Universitetsfond 47)

Ancient Studies PA 3343 .B5 1938


Ten Uppsala Papyri, ed. B. Frid. Bonn, 1981.

Ancient Studies PA 3301 .P38 Bd.28 


Papyri Varsovienses, ed. G. Manteuffel, L. Zawadowski and C. Rozenberg. Warsaw 1935. (Universitas Varsoviensis, Acta Facultatis Litterarum I). (1974 reprint)

On order for Ancient Studies 12 October 2017


I Papiri Vaticani di Aphrodito, ed. R. Pintaudi. Rome 1980

On order for Ancient Studies 12 October 2017


Papyri Vergilianae: l'apporto della papirologia alla storia della tradizione Virgiliana (I-VI D.C.), ed. M.C. Scappaticcio. Liège, 2013. (Pap.Leod. I)

Ancient Studies PA 3343 .S33 2013


Veteranen unter den Severern und frühen Soldatenkaisern: Die Dokumentensammlungen der Veteranen Aelius Sarapammon und Aelius Syrion, ed. P. Sänger. Stuttgart 2011.

Ancient Studies DT 93 .S265 2011


Einige Wiener Papyri, ed. E. Boswinkel. Leiden 1942. (Pap.Lugd.Bat. II).

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3301 .P34 vol.2

Open access copy at Leiden University


Einige Wiener Papyri, ed. R.P. Salomons. Amsterdam 1976. (Stud.Amst. IV).

On order for Ancient Studies 12 October 2017


Einige Wiener Papyri, ed. P.J. Sijpesteijn. Leiden 1963. (Pap.Lugd.Bat. XI)

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3301 .P34 vol.11


Fünfunddreissig Wiener Papyri, ed. P.J. Sijpesteijn and K.A. Worp. Zutphen 1976. (Stud.Amst. VI).

Ancient Studies PA3308 .V47 1976

Open access copy a Leiden University


Einige Wiener Papyri, ed. K.A. Worp. Amsterdam, 1972.

Ancient Studies PA 3308 .V62 1972


The Warren Papyri, ed. M. David, B.A. van Groningen and J.C. van Oven. Leiden 1941.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3301 .P34 vol.1


P.Wash.Univ. I, Washington University Papyri : non-literary texts, ed. V.B. Schuman. Missoula, 1980 (Am.Stud.Pap. XVII)

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .W3

Click here for digital copy

P.Wash.Univ. II, Papyri from the Washington University Collection, St. Louis, Missouri, ed. K. Maresch and Z.M. Packman. Opladen, 1990.

Ancient Studies PJ 1014 .P3 vol.18

P.Wisc. (The Wisconsin Papyri, ed. P. Sijpseteijn)

I, Leiden 1967. (Pap.Lugd.Bat. XVI).

Ancient Studies PA 3301 .P34 vol.16

II, Zutphen 1977. (Stud.Amst. XI).

On order for Ancient Studies 12 October 2017


Sixty-Five Papyrological Texts Presented to Klaas A. Worp on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday, ed. F. A. J. Hoogendijk and B. P. Muhs. Leiden, 2008 (Pap. Lugd. Batav. 33)

Ancient Studies PA 3301 .P34 vol.33


Mitteilungen aus der Würzburger Papyrussammlung, ed. U. Wilcken. Berlin 1934. (AbhBerlin 1933)

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3308 .W87 1934

P.Yadin (The Documents from the Bar Kochba Period in the Cave of Letters)

P.Yadin I, Greek Papyri, ed. N. Lewis. Jerusalem, 1989.

Ancient Studies DS 110 .J8 M55 1963 vol.2

Lee Stacks Oversize Quarto DS 110 .J8 D63 1989

P.Yadin II, Hebrew, Aramaic and Nabataean—Aramaic Papyri, ed. Y.Yadin, J.C. Greenfield, A. Yardeni and B.A. Levine with contributions by H. M. Cotton and J. Naveh. Separate volume of plates. Jerusalem 2002.

Ancient Studies DS 110 .J8 M55 1963 vol.3


Yale Papyri in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. 1967-2001. 3 vol. (Am.Stud.Pap. 2, 24, 41)

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .Y35 1967 vol.1-3

Click here for digital copy of volume 1

Click here for digital copy of volume 2

Click here for digital copy of volume 3


Coptic Documentary Papyri from the Beinecke Library (Yale University), ed. L.S.B. MacCoull. Cairo, 1986.

Ancient Studies PJ 2196 .M34 1986


Res severa verum gaudium. Festschrift für Karl–Theodore Zauzich zum 65. Geburtstag am 8. Juni 2004, ed. E. Hoffmann and H.–J. Thissen. Leuven 2004. (Studia Demotica 6)

Ancient Studies PJ 1809 .R48 2004


Die Demotischen Urkunden des Zenon-Archivs, ed. W. Spiegelberg. Leipzig 1929. (Dem.Stud. 8) (1977 reprint)

Ancient Studies PJ 1819 .S6 1977


Greek and Demotic Texts from the Zenon Archive, ed. under the general direction of P.W. Pestman. Leiden, 1980.

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3301 .P34 vol.20