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Papyrology: O.AbuMina-O.Muzawwaqa

Resources for research in papyrology in the Lee Library and elsewhere

Ostraca Publications in the BYU Collection (Checklist O.AbuMina-O.Muzawwaqa)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard Papyrological abbreviations in Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets (with post-2012 updates here) and the Checklist of Arabic Documents.

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Greek Ostraca from Abu Mina, ed. N. Litinas. Berlin and New York 2008.

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 2008

O.Ain el-Gedida

Ostraka and graffiti, in Ain el-Gedida : 2006-2008 excavations of a late antique site in Egypt's western desert, p. 507-538, ed. R.S. Bagma;; amd D/ Dzoerzbocla. 2018 (Amheida ; 4)

Ancient Studies DT 137 .W4 A73 2018


Ostraka in Amsterdam Collections, ed. R.S. Bagnall, P.J. Sijpesteijn and K.A. Worp. Zutphen 1976. (Stud.Amst. IX).

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 1976b

Online copy


"Ostraca in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford," in O.Bodl. I, pp. 63—81.

Ancient Studies PA 3304 .B67 vol.1


Koptische Ostraka II: Ostraka aus dem Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, ed. A. Biedenkopf-Ziehner. Wiesbaden, 2000.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 2193 .B54 2000 Bd.2


Greek Ostraca in the Ashmolean Museum from Oxyrhynchus and other sites, ed. J.C. Shelton. Firenze 1988. (Pap.Flor. XVII). 

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3371 .A1 1988


  The Bankes Ostraka from a box at Kingston Lacy: the Greek Texts, ed. K.A. Worp. Messina 2016.

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 2016


Le Monastère et la nécropole de Baouit, ed. from the notes of J. Clédat by D. Bénazeth and M.-H. Rutschowscaya, with contributions from A. Boud’hors, R.-G. Coquin and E. Gaillard. Cairo, 1999.

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 57 .F8 vol.39


Ostraca grecs et coptes des fouilles de Jean Maspero a Baouit ; O. BawitIFAO I-67 et O. Nancy, ed. A. Boud'hors. Cairo 2004. (Bibliothèque d'Études Coptes 17)

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 2004b

O.Berenike (Documents from Berenike)

O.Berenike I, Greek Ostraka from the 1996—1998 Seasons, ed. R.S. Bagnall, C. Helms and A.M.F.W. Verhoogt. Brussels 2000. (Pap.Brux. XXXI).

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .B78 vol.31

Click here for images of the ostraca in this publication.

O.Berenike II, Texts from the 1999-2001 Seasons, ed. R. S. Bagnall, C. Helms, and A. M. F. W. Verhoogt. Brussels 2005. (Pap.Brux. XXXIII).

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .B78 vol.33

O.Berenike III, Greek and Latin Texts from the 2009-2013 Seasons, ed. R. Ast and R.S. Bagnall. Brussels 2016. (Pap.Brux. XXXVI). 

Ancient Studies  PA 3339 .B78 vol.36

O.Berenike IV, Texts from the 2014–2015 and 2018–2020 Seasons, ed. R. Ast, R. S. Bagnall, with a contribution by L Vanderheyden. 2022.

Online copy


Ostraka aus Brussel und Berlin, ed. P. Viereck. Berlin-Leipzig 1922. (Schr.Heid. IV).

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3306 .B75 1922

Online copy


Ostraka and Other Inscribed Material from Bīr Shawīsh, Small Oasis. Excavation Seasons 2005 and 2007, ed. M. Dospěl. Ann Arbor 2020. (American Studies in Papyrology 54)

Ancient Studies PJ 1675 .D67 2020


Blemmyes. New Documents and New Perspectives, ed. H. Cuvigny. Cairo 2022. (Documents De Fouilles De L'institut Francais D'archeologie Orientale). Nos. 1-2, 4-16 are Demotic, no. 3 is bilingual Greek Demotic, nos. 17-107 are Greek.

Ancient Studies DT 57 .C16 vol.52

O.Bodl. (Greek Ostraca in the Bodleian Library at Oxford and Various Other Collections)

O.Bodl. I, ed. J.G. Tait. London 1930 (Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 21).

Ancient Studies PA 3304 .B67 vol.1

O.Bodl. II, Ostraca of the Roman and Byzantine Periods, ed. J.G. Tait and C. Préaux. London 1955 (Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 33).

Ancient Studies PA 3304 .B67 vol.2

Online copy

O.Bodl.III, Indexes, compiled by J. Bingen and M. Wittek. London 1964 (Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 43)

Ancient Studies PA 3304 .B67 vol.3

Online copy


O.Brit.Mus.Copt. I = Coptic and Greek Texts of the Christian Period from Ostraka, Stelae, etc. in the British Museum, ed. H.R. Hall. London 1905.

Online copy

O.Brit.Mus.Copt. II, Koptische Ostraka I: Ostraka aus dem Britischen Museum in London, ed. A. Biedenkopf-Ziehner. Wiesbaden, 2000.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 2193 .B54 2000 Bd.1


Au Temps ou on lisait le grec en Égypte, ed. J. Bingen. Brussels, 1977.

Ancient Studies PA 3306 .B7 1977

 Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3306 .B75 1922


The Bucheum, by R. Mond and O.H. Myers.  London, 1934.

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 57 .D32 no.41

Online copy


Les Ostraca de Bu Njem, ed. R. Marichal. Tripoli 1992. (Libya Antiqua, Suppl. VII).

Ancient Studies PA 3335 .M37 1992


Ostraka greci del Museo Egizio del Cairo, ed. C. Gallazzi, R. Pintaudi and K.A. Worp. Florence 1986. ISBN 8874680139 (Pap.Flor. XIV).

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 1986

Online copy


Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire, nos. 9501—9711: Griechische Ostraka, by U. Wilcken, ed. C. Gallazzi. Cairo 1983

On order for Ancient Studies 26 October 2023


Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire, nos. 8001 – 8741: Coptic Monuments, by W. E. Crum. Cairo, 1902.

Ancient Studies PJ 2196 .C78x 1975

Online copy

Copy of 1975 reprint in Internet Archive


"Ostraca in the Cambridge University Library," in O.Bodl. I, pp. 153—173.

Ancient Studies PA 3304 .B67 vol.1


Tax Receipts, Taxpayers, and Taxes in Early Ptolemaic Thebes , ed. B. P. Muhs. Chicago 2005. (Oriental Institute Publications 126).

Ancient Studies HJ 213 .M84 2005

Online copy

O.Claud. (Mons Claudianus. Ostraca graeca et latina)

O.Claud. I, ed. J. Bingen, A. Bülow-Jacobsen, W.E.H. Cockle, H. Cuvigny, L. Rubinstein and W. Van Rengen. Cairo 1992. (Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, Documents de Fouilles 29)

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 57 .C16 vol.29


O.Claud. II, ed. J. Bingen, A. Bülow-Jacobsen, W.E.H. Cockle, H. Cuvigny, F. Kayser and W. Van Rengen. Cairo 1997. (Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, Documents de Fouilles 32)

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 57 .C16 vol.32

O.Claud. III, Les reçus pour avances à la ‘familia,’ ed. H. Cuvigny. Cairo 2000. (Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, Documents de Fouilles 38)

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 57 .C16 vol.38

O.Claud. IV, ed. A. Bülow-Jacobsen. Cairo 2009. (Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, Documents de Fouilles 47)

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 57 .C16 vol.47


Greek ostraca from Chersonesos, Crete : Ostraca Cretica Chersonesi (O.Cret.Chers.), ed. N. Litinas. Wien, 2008. (Tyche supplement 6)

Ancient Studies D 51 .T93 Suppl.6


Coptic Ostraca from the Collections of the Egypt Exploration Fund, the Cairo Museum and Others, ed. W.E. Crum. London, 1902.

Online copy


Short Texts from Coptic Ostraca and Papyri, ed. W.E. Crum. Oxford, 1921.

Ancient Studies PJ 2197 .C8 1921

Online copy


Varia Coptica, ed. W.E. Crum. Aberdeen 1939.

Ancient Studies PJ 2195 .C85 1939

O.Deir el-Bahari

Le Monastère de St. Phoibammon. Deir el-Bahari 5, ed. W. Godlewski. Warsaw, 1986.

Ancient Studies BX 138 .D39 G63 1986

Online copy


Didymoi. Une garnison romaine dans le désert Oriental d’Égypte, vol. 2: Les Textes, ed. H. Cuvigny, with contributions by F. Briquel-Chatonnet and T. Gagos. Cairo 2012. (Praesidia du désert de Bérénice 4)

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 61 .D53 2011 vol.2

Images available online.

O.Dime (see also P.Dime)

Demotische Dokumente aus Dime I: Ostraka, ed. S. L. Lippert and M. Schentuleit. Wiesbaden 2006.

Ancient Studies PJ 1809 .D456 2006 Bd.1


Les ostraca grecs de Douch. Cairo, 1986-2001. 5 vol.

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 57 .C16 vol.24

O.Edfou (Ostraca published in Fouilles Franco-Polonaises I—III)

Tell Edfou 1937-1939. Cairo, 1937-1950. 3 vol.

Ancient Studies DT 73 .I3 F6 (vol. 1 and 3 only)

Microfiche DT 73 .I3 F6 (vol. 1 and 2 only)

Online copy (vol. 1)


Ostraca grecs et coptes des fouilles franco-polonaises sur le site de Tell Edfou. O. EdfouCopte 1-145, ed. S. Bacot. Cairo 2009. (Bibliothèque d'Études Coptes 17)

Ancient Studies PJ 2195 .B5 vol.19

O. Edgerton

The archive of Thotsutmis, Son of Panouphis : early Ptolemaic ostraca from Deir el Bahari, ed. B. Muhs, F. Scalf, J. Jay. 2021 (Oriental Institute Publications 146)

Ancient Studies PJ 1829 .M84 2021

Online copy


Elkab III. Les ostraca grecs, ed. J. Bingen and W. Clarysse. Brussels 1989. (Publications du Comité des Fouilles Belges en Égypte, Elkab)

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 1989


"Griechische Ostraka in der Kaiserlichen Eremitage in St. Petersburg," ed. G. Zereteli in Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete 5 (1913) 170—180.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .A6 Bd.5

Online copy


The Florida Ostraka: Documents from the Roman Army in Upper Egypt, ed. R.S. Bagnall. Durham, N.C. 1976. (Greek, Roman and Byzantine Monographs 7)

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 1976


Les ostraca coptes de la TT 29 : autour du moine Frangé, ed. A. Boud'hors and Ch. Heurtel. Brussels 2010. (Études d'archéologie thébaine 3).

Online copy


Die griechischen Ostraka der Heidelberger Papyrus-Sammlung, ed. C. Armoni, J. M. S. Cowey and D. Hagedorn with notes by W. Habermann. Heidelberg, 2005

Ancient Studies PA 3308 .H4 n.F. Nr.11


The Archive of Hor, ed. J.D. Ray. London, 1976.

Ancient Studies PJ 1829 .R3 1976

Lee Stacks PJ 1829 .R3 1976


Die Prinz-Joachim-Ostraka, ed. F. Preisigke and W. Spiegelberg. Strassburg 1914. (Schriften der Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft in Strassburg 19).

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 1914a (1972 reprint)

Online copy


Greek Ostraka from Kellis, ed. K. A. Worp. Oxford, 2004.

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 2004


Die Ostraka vom Kerameikos, ed. S. Brenne. Wiesbaden 2018. 2 vols.

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3371 .A1 2019

O.Krok. (Ostraca de Krokodilô)

O.Krok. I, La correspondance militaire et sa circulation, ed. H. Cuvigny. Cairo 2005.

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3371 .A1 2005

O.Krok. II, La correspondance privée et les réseaux personnels de Philoklès, Apollôs et Ischyras, ed.A.Bülow-Jacobsen, J.-L. Fournet, Bérangère Redon. Cairo 2019.

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 2019

Online copy

Images available online.


Greek Ostraka: a Catalogue of the Greek Ostraka in the National Museum of Antiquities at Leiden, with a Chapter on the Greek Ostraka in the Papyrological Institute of the University of Leiden, ed. R.S. Bagnall, P.J. Sijpesteijn and K.A. Worp. Zutphen 1980. (Collections of the National Museum of Antiquities at Leiden IV)

Online copy


The Demotic Ostraca in the National Museum of Antiquities at Leiden, ed. M.A.A. Nur el-Din. Leiden 1974.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1829 .N8 1974


O.Lips.Copt. I. Coptica: koptische Ostraka und Papyri, koptische und griechische Grabstelen aus Ägypten und Nubien, spätantike Bauplastik, Textilien und Keramik, ed. S. Hodak, T.S. Richter, F. Steinmann. Berlin 2013. (Katalog Ägyptischer Sammlungen in Leipzig III).

Ancient Studies PJ 2194 .C67 2013

O.Lips.Copt. II, Andreas von Hermonthis und das Kloster des Apa Hesekiel. Mikrohistorische Untersuchungen zu Kirchengeschichte und Klosterwesen im Gebiet von Armant (Oberägypten) in byzantinischer Zeit anhand der koptischen Ostraka der Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig (O.Lips.Copt. II), ed. F. Krueger. Berlin/Boston 2020 (Archiv Beih. 43).

Ancient Studies PJ 2194 .L45 2020 vol.1-2


Ostraca démotiques du Musée du Louvre I, Reçus, ed. D. Devauchelle. Cairo, 1983. (Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, Bibliotheque d’Étude 92) 2 vol.

Ancient Studies PJ 25 .B6 vol.92


Ostraca Lundensia. Ostraka aus der Sammlung des Instituts für Altertumskunde an der Universität zu Lund, ed. C. Tsiparis. Lund 1979.

Ancient Studies PA 3371 .A1 1979b22


Quelques reçus d’impôts agricoles, ed. M. Magnien. Paris 1902.

Online copy


Demotic Ostraka from the collections at Oxford, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Cairo, ed. G. Mattha. Cairo, 1945.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1675 .M38x 1945

 Ancient Studies Microfiche PJ 1675 .M38x 1945

Online copy


Coptic Ostraca from Medinet Habu, ed. E. Stefanski and M. Lichtheim. Chicago, 1952.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 2193 .S7

Online copy


Demotic Ostraca from Medinet Habu, ed. M. Lichtheim. Chicago, 1957.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1829 .L5

Online copy


Ostraka e papiri greci da Medinet Madi nelle campagne 1968 e 1969, ed. D. Foraboschi. Milan, 1976.

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 73 .M35 B73 1976


Mélanges sur la métrologie, l’économie politique et l’histoire de l’ancienne Égypte, by E. Revillout. Paris 1895.

Online copy

O.Mich. = Greek Ostraca in the University of Michigan Collection

O.Mich. I, Texts, ed. L. Amundsen. Ann Arbor, 1935.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3371 .A1 1935

Online copy

O.Mich. II, see P.Mich. VI

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3305 .M5 vol.6

Online copy

Online copy

O.Mich. III, see P.Mich. VIII

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3305 .M5 vol.8

Online copy

Online copy

O.Mich. IV, ed. H.C. Youtie in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 18 (1975) 267—282

Online copy

O.Mich.Copt. & O.Mich.Copt.Etmoulon

Coptic Texts in the University of Michigan Collection, ed. W.H. Worrell. Ann Arbor, 1942.

Ancient Studies PJ 2196 .M5 W6 1942

Online copy


"Ostraca in Various Minor Collections," in O.Bodl. I, pp. 174—81

Ancient Studies PA 3304 .B67 vol.1


Le Monastère de Phoebammon dans la Thébaïde, ed. C. Bachatly. Tome 2: Graffiti, inscriptions et ostraca, ed. R. Rémondon, Yassâ ‘Abd al-Masîh, W.C. Till and O.H.E. KHS-Burmester. Cairo, 1965.

Ancient Studies DT 73 .P56 B3 vol.2


The Administration of Egyptian Thebes in the Early Ptolemaic Period, by B.P. Muhs. Dissertation Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 1996.

Ancient Studies DT 73 .T3 M847 1996


"The Demotic Ostraca from Qaret el-Muzawwaqa," ed. M.A. Nur el-Din in Denkmäler der Oase Dachla: aus dem Nachlass von Ahmed Fakhry, by J. Osing, M. Moursi, D. Arnold, O. Neugebauer, R.A. Parker, D. Pingree and M.A. Nur el-Din. Mainz, 1982.

Ancient Studies Quarto DT 73 .D33 D45x 1982