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Papyrology: P.Cair.-P.Customs

Resources for research in papyrology in the Lee Library and elsewhere

Papyrus Publications in the BYU Collection (Checklist P.Cair.-P.Customs)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard Papyrological abbreviations in Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets (with post-2012 updates here) and the Checklist of Arabic Documents.

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P.Cair. (Service des Antiquités de l'Égypte, Catalogue Général des Antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire. Die demotischen Denkmäler)

P.Cair. I = Service des Antiquités de l'Égypte, Catalogue Général des Antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire. Die demotischen Denkmäler , Die Demotischen Inschriften, ed. W. Spiegelberg. Leipzig 1904.

Online copy

 P.Cair. II, Die Demotischen Papyrus. Part 1, Text. Strassburg 1908.

Online copy

P.Cair. III = Service des Antiquités de l'Égypte, Catalogue Général des Antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire. Die demotischen Denkmäler , Demotische Inschriften und Papyri, ed. W. Spiegelberg. Berlin 1932.

Online copy


Greek Papyri (Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire), ed. B.P. Grenfell and A.S. Hunt. Oxford, 1903 (1972 reprint)

Ancient Studies Quarto PA 3303 .G7 1972

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3303 .G7 1972

Online copy


Eine Edition griechischer Papyrusurkunden aus dem ägyptischen Museum in Kairo, ed. U.A. Gad. Dissertation, Universität Heidelberg, 2016.

Ancient Studies PA 3303 .G23 2016

Online copy


Greek Papyri from the Cairo Museum, ed. E.J. Goodspeed. Chicago, 1902.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3303 .G3

Online copy


The Archive of Aurelius Isidorus in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, and the University of Michigan. Ann Arbor. 1960.

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .B6

 Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3315 .B6

Online copy


Papyrus grecs d'époque byzantine, ed. J. Maspero. 3 vol. Cairo, 1911-1916. (Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire 51, 54, 58)

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3303 .M37 1911

For open access copies, see catalog record.


P.Cair.Mich.I A Tax List from Karanis (P.Cair.Mich. 359). Part 1, The Text, ed. H. Riad and J.C. Shelton; Part 2, Commentary and Indexes, ed. J. C. Shelton. Bonn 1976—1977

Ancient Studies PA 3301 .P38 Bd.17-18

P.Cair.Mich. II, Texts from the "Archive" of Socrates, the Tax Collector, and Other Contexts at Karanis (P. Cair. Mich. II), ed. M.G. El-Maghrabi and C. Römer. Berlin 2015. (ArchBeih. 35)

Ancient Studies PA 3303 .T48 2015

P.Cair.Mich. III, More texts from the "Archive" of Socrates: papyri from house 17, level B, and other locations in Karanis (P. Cair. Mich. III), ed. M.G. El-Maghrabi and C. Römer. Berlin 2021. (ArchBeih. 45)

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .K37 M67 2021


Griechische Urkunden des Aegyptischen Museums zu Kairo, ed. F. Preisigke. Strassburg, 1911. (Schriften der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft zu Strassburg 8)

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3303 .G72 1911

Online copy


P.Cair.Preis.², ed. R.P. Salomons. Brussels 2014 (Pap.Brux. 35)

Ancient Studies PA 3303 .S24 2014


Zenon Papyri (Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire). 5 vol. Cairo, 1925-1940.

Ancient Studies PA 3303 .C13 1971

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3303 .C13

Online copy

P.Carlsb. (The Carlsberg Papyri)

P.Carlsb. I, Demotic Texts from the Collection. Copenhagen, 1991.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.1

P.Carlsb. II, Hieratische Papyri aus Tebtynis, in 2 volumes, ed. J. Osing. Copenhagen 1998. (Carsten Niebuhr Institute. Publications 17)

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.2 (plates volume in folio)

P.Carlsb. III, A Miscellany of Demotic Texts and Studies. Copenhagen, 2000.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.3

P.Carlsb. IV, The Story of Petese, Son of Petetum and Several Other Good and Bad Stories. Copenhagen 1999.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.4

P.Carlsb. V, On the Primaeval Ocean. Copenhagen 2002.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.5

P.Carlsb. VI, The Petese Stories II, ed. K. Ryholt. Copenhagen 2006.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.6

P.Carlsb. VII, Hieratic Texts from the Collection, ed. K. Ryholt. Copenhagen 2006.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.7

P.Carlsb. VIII, Grundriss des Laufes der Sterne: das sognenannte Nutbuch, ed. A. von Lieven. Copenhagen 2007. 2 v.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.8

P.Carlsb. IX, Aus der Buchhaltung des Winbagazins im Edfu-Tempel. Der demotische P.Carlsberg 409, ed. M. Schentuleit. Copenhagen 2006. 2 v.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1811 .C37 vol.9


Saite and Persian Demotic Cattle Documents. Chico, 1985.

Ancient Studies KL 3040 .D66 C78 1985

Online copy


Das Aurelia Charite Archiv, ed. K.A. Worp. Zutphen 1981.

Online copy


"Une Famille de chepteliers au IIIe s.p.C.," ed. J. Schwartz. Recherches de Papyrologie 3 (1964) 49—64. Nos. 1—20.

Lee Stacks PA 3339 .R43 vol.3


Chicago Literary Papyri, ed. E.J. Goodspeed. Chicago, 1908.

Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3318 .C5

Online copy


Oriental Institute Hawara Papyri: Demotic and Greek Texts from an Egyptian Family Archive in the Fayum (Fourth to Third Century B.C.) Chicago, 1997.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1845 .H84 1997

Online copy


The Archive of the Theban Choachytes. Leuven, 1993.

Ancient Studies PJ 1809 .S88 vol.2


Choix de textes juridiques en hiératique "anormal" et en démotique. 2 vol. Cairo, 1953-1983

Ancient Studies KRB .L27 C56x 1983 (vol. 2 only)


Nouvelle Chrestomathie démotique. Paris, 1878.

Online copy


Chrestomathie démotique, ed. E. Revillout. Paris 1880.

Online copy


Christians and Muslims in early Islamic Egypt, ed. L. Berkes. Durham 2022. (Am.Stud.Pap. 56)

Ancient Studies PA 3303 .C47 2022


The property of a lady (P.Christodote), ed. T.M. Hickey, J.G. Keenan. Florence 2020. (Pap.Flor. XLVIII)

Ancient Studies PA 3310 .H53 2020


Die sogenannte demotische Chronik des Pap. 215 der Bibliothèque Nationale zu Paris, ed. W. Spiegelberg. Leipzig, 1914.

Online copy


Monastic estates in late antique and early Islamic Egypt: ostraca, papyri, and essays in memory of Sarah Clackson, ed. A. Boud'hors. (Am.Stud.Pap. XLVI) 2008

Ancient Studies PJ 2017 .C58 2008

Online copy


Ten Coptic Legal Texts, ed. A.A. Schiller. New York 1932.

Ancient Studies KRM 134 .S355 1973

Online copy

P.Col. (Columbia Papyri)

P.Col. I. Upon Slavery in Ptolemaic Egypt (P.Col.inv. 480), by W.L. Westermann. New York, 1929.

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.1

Online copy

P.Col. II. Tax Lists and Transportation Receipts from Theadelphia, ed. W.L. Westermann and C.W. Keyes. New York, 1932.

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.2

Online copy

P.Col. III. Zenon Papyri: Business Papers of the Third Century B.C. dealing with Palestine and Egypt I, ed. W.L. Westermann and E.S. Hasenoehrl. New York, 1934.

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.3

Online copy

P.Col. IV. (P.Col.Zen. II) Zenon Papyri: Business Papers of the Third Century B.C. dealing with Palestine and Egypt II, ed. W.L. Westermann, C.W. Keyes, and H. Liebesny. New York 1940.

On order for Ancient Studies 11 October 2023

Online copy

P.Col. V. Tax Documents from Theadelphia, ed. J. Day and C.W. Keyes. New York, 1956.

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.5

Online copy

P.Col. VI. Apokrimata: Decisions of Septimius Severus on Legal Matters, ed. W.L. Westermann and A.A. Schiller. New York, 1954.

Hunter Law Library KJA 190 .R45 1954

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.6

Online copy

P.Col. VII. Fourth Century Documents from Karanis, ed. R.S. Bagnall and N. Lewis. Missoula, 1979 (Am.Stud.Pap. XX)

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.7

Lee Stacks PA 3305 .C64

Online copy

P.Col. VIII. Columbia Papyri VIII, ed. R.S. Bagnall, T.T. Renner and K.A. Worp. Atlanta, 1990 (Am.Stud.Pap XXVIII)

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.8

Online copy

P.Col. IX. The Vestis Militaris Codex, ed. J. Sheridan. Atlanta, 1998 (Am.Stud.Pap. XXXIX)

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.9

Online copy

P.Col. X. Columbia Papyri X, ed. R.S. Bagnall and D.D. Obbink. Atlanta, 1996 (Am.Stud.Pap. XXXIV)

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.10

Online copy

P.Col. XI. Columbia Papyri XI, ed. T.M. Teeter. Atlanta, 1998 (Am.Stud.Pap. XXXVIII)

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C6 vol.11

Online copy


Charisterion per Revel A. Coles (ed. G. Bastianini, N. Gonis and S. Russo). Firenze 2015. (Edizioni dell' Istituto Papyrologico "G. Vitelli" ; 4)

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .E3 C43 2015


Collectanea Papyrologica: Texts Published in Honor of H.C. Youtie, ed. by numerous contributors under the direction of A.E. Hanson. Bonn, 1976. 2 vol.

Ancient Studies PA 3301 .P38 Bd.19-20


Greek Papyri in the Library of Cornell University, ed. W.L. Westermann and C.J. Kraemer, Jr. New York, 1926.

Ancient Studies PA 3305 .C7 1926

Lee Stacks PA 3305 .C7 1972 (reprint)

Online copy


Corpus Papyrorum Aegypti, ed. E. Revillout and A. Eisenlohr. Paris, 1885-1902. t. 1, fasc. 1-4. Papyrus démotiques du Louvre -- t. 2, fasc. 1. Papyrus démotiques du British Museum -- t. 3. Papyrus grecs du Louvre, etc. fasc. 1: Le plaidoyer d'Hypéride contre Athénogène. 

Ancient Studies PJ 1809 C67 1978 (1978 reprint) P.CorpusRevillout I-III

Online copy


Counting the People in Hellenistic Egypt, ed. W. Clarysse and D. J. Thompson, I: Population Registers (P.Count). Cambridge, 2006.

Ancient Studies DT 92 .C53 2006 vol.1