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Papyrology: Dem.Congr.-Jur.Pap.

Resources for research in papyrology in the Lee Library and elsewhere

Papyrus Publications in the BYU Collection (Dem.Congr.-Jur.Pap.)

Abbreviations are keyed to the standard Papyrological abbreviations in Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets (with post-2012 updates here) and the Checklist of Arabic Documents.

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DemCongr. (Congresses of the International Conference for Demotists)

DemCongr. I, Internationale Demotisten-Colloquium, (Berlin, 26—28 September 1977), Enchoria 8 (1978) Supplement, Lieferung 1

Lee Stacks PA 3339 .E52x

DemCongr. II, Aspects of Demotic Lexicography. Acts of the Second International Conference for Demotic Studies. Leiden (19—21 September 1984), ed. S.P. Vleeming. (Stud.Demotica I). Leuven 1987

Ancient Studies PJ 1809 .S88 vol.1

DemCongr. III, Cambridge, 8—12 September 1987. "Third Meeting of Demotists: A Report," by J. Quaegebeur and S.P. Vleeming, Enchoria 15 (1987) 247—253.

Lee Stacks PA 3339 .E52x

DemCongr. IV, Life in a Multi-cultural Society: Egypt from Cambyses to Constantine and beyond (Chicago 1990), ed. J.H. Johnson. (Univ. of Chicago, Oriental Institute. Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 51). Chicago 1992

Ancient Studies PJ 1107 .I68 1990

Online copy

DemCongr. V, Acta Demotica: Acts of the Fifth International Conference for Demotists (Pisa, 4th—8th September 1993), ed. E. Bresciani (EVO 17 [1994]). Pisa 1994.

Ancient Studies PJ 1107 .I68 1993

DemCongr. VI, Cairo, 2—8 September 1996. No proceedings published.

DemCongr. VII, Acts of the Seventh International Conference of Demotic Studies, Copenhagen, 23—27 August 1999, ed. K. Ryholt. (Museum Tusculanum Press, C.N.I. Publications 27). Copenhagen 2002.

Ancient Studies PJ 1107 .I68 1999

DemCongr. VIII, Akten der 8. Internationalen Konferenz für demotische Studien, Würzburg, 28.—31. August 2002, ed. K. Zauzich and M. Stadler. Wiesbaden, 2019.

Ancient Studies PJ 1107 .I68 2002

DemCongr. IX, Actes du IXe congrès international des études démotiques, Paris, 31 août—3 septembre 2005, ed. G. Widmer and D. Devauchelle. (IFAO, Bibliothèque d'études 147). Cairo 2009.

Ancient Studies PJ 25 .B6 vol.147

DemCongr. XIII. New approaches in Demotic studies : Acts of the 13th International Conference of Demotic Studies. Ed. F. Naether. Berlin, 2019.

Ancient Studies PJ 1107 .I68 2017

Dem.Stud. (Demotische Studien)

 Dem.Stud. I, Aegyptische und griechische Eigennamen aus Mumienetiketten der römischen Kaiserzeit, by W. Spiegelberg. Leipzig, 1901.

Ancient Studies CN 440 .I6 vol.4 (1978 reprint)

Online copy

Online copy of 1978 reprint

Dem.Stud. II, see P.Eleph.Dem.

 Dem.Stud. III, Der Sagenkreis des Königs Petubastis nach dem Strassburger demotischen Papyrus sowie den Wiener und Pariser Bruchstücken, ed. W. Spiegelberg. Leipzig, 1910.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1731 .P5 1910

Online copy

Dem.Stud. IV, Das demotische Totenbuch der Pariser Nationalbibliothek (Papyrus des Pamonthes), ed. F. Lexa. 1910.

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1555 .G4 S6 1977

Online copy

Dem.Stud. V. Demotische Texte auf Krügen, ed. W. Spiegelberg. 1912. (1977 reprint).

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1829 .S7 1977

Online copy

Dem.Stud. VI. Die beiden Totenpapyrus Rhind des Museums zu Edinburg, ed. G. Möller. 1911 (1977 reprint).

Ancient Studies Quarto PJ 1849 .R5 1977

Online copy

Dem.Stud. VII, see P.Chronik

 Dem.Stud. IX, Le mythe de l’oeil du soleil, ed. F. de Cenival. Sommerhausen, 1988.

Ancient Studies PJ 1871 .M9714x 1988

 Dem.Stud. X, Die demotischen Graffiti von Medinet Habu, ed. H.J. Thissen. Sommerhausen, 1989.

Ancient Studies PJ 1821 .E3 T45 1989

 Dem.Stud. XI, Der verkommene Harfenspieler, ed. H.J. Thissen. Sommerhausen, 1992.

Ancient Studies PJ 1860 .T47 1992

 Dem.Stud. XII, see P.Hausw.

Dem.Stud. XIII, Der verblendete Gelehrte: der erste Setna-Roman (P. Kairo 30646), ed. S. Goldbrunner. 2006.

Ancient Studies PJ 1871 .G65 2006

Dem.Stud. XIV, The demotic letter: a study of epistolographic scribal traditions against their intra- and intercultural background, by M. Depauw. 2006.

Ancient Studies PJ 1487 .D46 2006


Documenti per la storia dell'esercito romano in Egitto, ed. S. Daris. Milan 1964. (Pubblicazioni dell'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Contributi, Serie Terza, Scienze Storiche IX)

Ancient Studies DG 89 .D375 1964

DTM (Defixionum Tabellae Mogontiacenses)

Die defixionum tabellae des Mainzer Isis- und Mater Magna-Heiligtums, ed. J. Blänsdorf, P.-Y. Lambert, M. Witteyer. Mainz, 2012

Ancient Studies CN 528 .D4 D44 2012

Graeco-Roman Memoirs

Most of the volumes of this series are devoted to  P.Oxy (The Oxyrhynchus Papyri). The Library also has the following other volumes:

 3, see P.Fay.

4, see P.Tebt. I

 7, see P.Hib. I

21, see O.Bodl. I

 22, Two Theocritus Papyri, ed. A.S. Hunt and J. Johnson. 1930.

Ancient Studies PA 4442 .A5 1930

23, see P.Tebt. III, part I

 24, Greek Shorthand Manuals, ed. H.J.M. Milne. 1934

Ancient Studies Z 114 .M66

25, see P.Tebt. III, part I

 28, see P.Ant. I

 32, see P.Hib. II

33, see O.Bodl.II

 37, see P.Ant. II

42, see P.Herm.

43, see O.Bodl.III, Indexes

 47, see P.Ant. III

52, see P.Tebt. II, reprint 1970.

 59, Location-List of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, by R.A. Coles. 1974

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .O8 Suppl. 1974

61, see Pap.Congr. XIV (IX Proceedings)

64, see P.Tebt. IV

68, see P.Turner

93, Oxyrhynchus: a city and its texts, ed. A.K. Bowman, R.A. Coles, N. Gonis, D. Obbink, P.J. Parsons. 2007

Ancient Studies DT 73 .O8 O89 2007


Feste pubbliche e private nei documenti greci, ed. M. Vandoni. Milan, 1964.

Ancient Studies DF 123 .V36x 1964


Fontes Iuris Romani Antejustiniani, pars tertia, Negotia, ed. V. Arangio-Ruiz. 2nd ed. Florence, 1943.

Ancient Studies KBD .L27 F66 1940 vol.3


Greek Horoscopes, by O. Neugebauer and H.B. Van Hoesen. Philadelphia 1959. Supplement: Oroscopi

Ancient Studies Quarto BF 1674 .N4 1959

JJurPap Suppl. (Journal of Juristic Papyri Supplement)

Many out of print supplements can be downloaded here.

JJurPap Suppl. 1. Εὐεργεσίας χάριν : studies presented to Benedetto Bravo and Ewa Wipszycka by their disciples. Ed. T. Derda, J. Urbanik, M. Wecowski. Warsaw, 2002.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.1

 JJurPap Suppl. 2. Catalogue des inscriptions grecques du Musée National de Varsovie. By A. Łajtar, A. Twardecki ; tr. K. Bartkiewicz. Warsaw, 2003.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.2

 JJurPap Suppl. 3. Sacra Via : twenty years after. By A.Ziółkowski. Warsaw, 2004

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.3

JJurPap Suppl. 4. Deir El-Bahari in the Hellenistic and Roman periods : a study of an Egyptian temple based on Greek sources. By A. Łajtar. Warsaw, 2006.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.4

JJurPap Suppl. 5. Marriage : ideal - law - practice : proceedings of a conference held in memory of Henryk Kupiszewski. Ed. Z. Slǔzewska, J. Urbanik. Warsaw, 2005.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.5

JJurPap Suppl. 6. The missing link : Greek Pagan historiography in the second half of the third century and in the fourth century AD. By P. Janiszewsk ; tr. D. Dzierzbicka. Warsaw, 2006.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.6

JJurPap Suppl. 7. Arsinoites Nomos : administration of the Fayum under Roman rule. By T. Derda. Warsaw, 2006.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.7

JJurPap Suppl. 8. Alexandria : auditoria of Kom el-Dikka and late antique education. Ed. T. Derda, T. Markiewicz, E. Wipszycka. Warsaw, 2007.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.8

JJurPap Suppl. 9. See P. Naqlun

JJurPap Suppl. 10. Droit et justice dans le monde grec et hellénistique. By J.Mélèze Modrzejewski ; papers collected and edited by J. Urbanik. Warsaw, 2011.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.10

JJurPap Suppl. 11. Moines et communautés monastiques en Égypte (IVe-VIIIe siècles). By E. Wipszycka. Warsaw, 2009.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.11

JJurPap Suppl. 12. Late Egypt and her neighbours : foreign population in Egypt in the first millennium BC. By J.K. Winnicki ; translated by D. Dzierzbicka. Warsaw, 2009.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.12

JJurPap Suppl. 13. Qasr Ibrim : the Greek and Coptic inscriptions. By A. Łajtar, J. van der Vliet. Warsaw, 2010.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.13

JJurPap Suppl. 14. P. Bodmer I recto : a land list from the Panopolite Nome in upper Egypt (after AD 21 3/4). By T. Derda. Warsaw, 2010.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.14

PDF available here.

JJurPap Suppl. 15. Nubian voices : studies in Christian Nubian culture. Ed. A. Łajtar, J. van der Vliet ; with the assistance of G. Ochała, G. Ruffini. Warsaw, 2011.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.15

 JJurPap Suppl. 16. Chronological systems of Christian Nubia. By G. Ochała. Warsaw, 2011.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.16

 JJurPap Suppl. 17. Tra logica e giurisprudenza : argumentum a simili nei topici di Cicerone. By A. Kacprzak. Warsaw, 2012.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.17

 JJurPap Suppl. 18. A rural economy in transition : Asia Minor from late antiquity into the early Middle Ages. By A. Izdebski. Warsaw, 2013.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.18

JJurPap Suppl. 19. Culpa : facets of liability in ancient legal theory and practice : proceedings of the seminar held in Warsaw 17-19 February 2011. Ed. J. Urbanik. Warsaw, 2012.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.19

JJurPap Suppl. 20. The rise of Nobadia : social changes in Northern Nubia in late antiquity. By A. Obłuski. Warsaw, 2014.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.20

 JJurPap Suppl. 21. Loi et coutume dans l'Égypte grecque et romaine. By J. Mélèze. Warsaw, 2014.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.21

 JJurPap Suppl. 22. The bishop, the eparch and the king : Old Nubian texts from Qasr Ibrim IV (P. QI IV). By G. R. Ruffini. Warsaw, 2014.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.22

 JJurPap Suppl. 23. Wills in the Roman empire : a documentary approach. By M. Nowak. 2015. Oxford, 2015.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.23

JJurPap Suppl. 24. Recht haben und Recht bekommen im Imperium Romanum. Das Gerichtswesender römischen Kaiserzeitund seine dokumentarische Evidenz. Ed. R. Haensch, F. Hurlet, K.-L. Link, S. Strassi, & A. Teichgräber. 2016.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.24

JJurPap Suppl. 25. The Alexandrian church. people and institutions. By E. Wipszycka. Warsaw 2015.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.25

JJurPap Suppl. 26. Identity of the diaspora. Jews in Asia Minor in the imperial period. By K. Stebnicka. Warsaw, 2015.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.26

JJurPap Suppl. 27. Nubian voices II : new texts and studies on Christian Nubian culture. Ed. A. Łajtar, G. Ochała, J. van der Vliet. Warsaw, 2015.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.27

JJurPap Suppl. 28. Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Papyrology, Warsaw 29.07-3.08 2013. Ed. T. Derda, A. Łajtar, A. Mironczuk, G. Ochala, J. Urbanik. Warsaw, 2016.

Ancient Studies PA 3339 .I5 2013 (3 volumes)

JJurPap Suppl. 29. Mater Familias, Scritti Romanistici per Maria Zabłockam, ed. Z. Benincasa, J.Urbanik. 2016

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.29

JJurPap Suppl. 30. Fragments, holes, and wholes : reconstructing the ancient world in theory and practice, ed. T. Derda, J. Hilder, J. Kwapisz. 2017

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.30

JJurPap Suppl. 31. ΟΙΝΟΣ: Production and Import of Wine in Graeco-Roman Egypt, by D. Dzierzbicka. 2018.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.31

JurPap Suppl. 32. Empowering the dead in Christian Nubia : the texts from a medieval funerary complex in Dongola, by A. Lajtar, J. van der Vliet. 2017

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.32

JJurPap Suppl. 33.The second gift of the Nile : monks an monasteries in late antique Egypt, by E. Wipszycka. 2018.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.33

JJurPap Suppl. 34. Inscribing the saints in late antique Anatolia, by P. Nowakowski. 2018.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.34

JJurPap Suppl. 35. Greek ostraka from Marea, by T. Derda, J. Wegner. 2019.

not yet published 30 May 2019?

JJurPap Suppl. 36. The monasteries and monks of Nubia, by Artur Obłuski, translated by Dorota Dzierzbicka. 2019.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.36

PDF available here.

JurPap Suppl. 37. Bastards in Egypt : social and legal illegitimacy in the Roman era, by Maria Nowak. 2020

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.37

JurPap Suppl. 38. Liturgical poetry in Christian Nubia : the evidence of the wall inscriptions in the Lower Church at Banganarti, by Agata Deptuła

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.38

JurPap Suppl. 39. A late Christian pilgrimage centre in Nubia : the evidence of wall inscriptions in the Upper Church at Banganarti, by Adam Łajtar. 2020.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.39

JurPap Suppl. 40. Monks and the hierarchical church in Egypt and the Levant during late Antiquity, by Ewa Wipszycka. 2021.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.40

JurPap Suppl. 41. Monastic communities in context : monasteries, economy, and society in late antique Egypt, by Joanna Wegner. 2021.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.41

JurPap Suppl. 42. Monastic microtheologies : religious expressions and imagery in the monastic letters from western Thebes, by Przemysław Piwowarczyk. 2021.

Ancient Studies K 10 .O8719 vol.42


Juristische Papyri, ed. P.M. Meyer. Berlin, 1920.

Ancient Studies PA 3315 .E3 J87 1976

 Ancient Studies Microfiche PA 3315 .E3 J87 1976

Online copy